Open Thread, Improve TQBR Edition

It’s the last Open Thread of 2010, so I’m ’round to thinking about how to make the site better for all you fine people in 2011. Whaddya got? Should we keep TQBR Prediction Game going into 6.0 and beyond? Is there too much of something and not enough of another thing? Have you any innovative […]

Previews And Predictions For Saul Alvarez Vs. Lovemore N’dou, Nonito Donaire Vs. Volodymyr Sydorenko And Humberto Soto Vs. Urbano Antillon

(This is what the banner of this card has come to.) Saturday night was to pit Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. and Saul Alvarez against one another in a contest to decide which young, debatably talented, widely loved Mexican junior middleweight would prove more popular when their matches went head-to-head. Then Chavez got sick, or had […]

Weekend Afterthoughts, Featuring Andre Ward’s Head Butts And Elbows, Larry Merchant’s Thumbs And Questions, Carl Froch’s Girlfriend’s Voice And Breasts And More

Welcome to Tuesday, the day that we sometimes review things that happened in boxing about three days ago. The above fight happened four days ago, and it features Hozumi Hasegawa making a successful debut at featherweight against Juan Carlos Burgos. I’m still working through the bout but it’s high-level stuff from both men. Burgos dwarfs […]

What We Learned In A November To Remember For Boxing

The first 10 months of 2010 in boxing resembled a bad Fourth of July fireworks show: a few “oohs” and “aahs,” but you probably could have been just as impressed with a Roman candle and sparkler spinner show in your backyard after stopping at one of the ubiquitous fireworks shops along Interstate 95 on the […]

Quick Jabs: Successes And Failures For Sergio Martinez Vs. Paul Williams II, Manny Pacquiao Vs. Antonio Margarito And Jean Pascal Vs. Bernard Hopkins; More

The holiday this weekend and the chaos of Atlantic City last weekend has us behind on some of the latest news tidbits and fights in the works, but we’ll get caught up, just you watch. It starts with the above video, a dynamite knockout from last weekend that was overshadowed, naturally, by Sergio Martinez’ knockout […]

TQBR Prediction Game 5.0, Update #2

In a weekend with two very difficult winners to predict, three amigos — TJChim, Apemantus and Bundy Bears AKA ALEXMAC — got all of them right. And because of this, one of those three, Bundy Bears, is now in the lead for TQBR Prediction Game 5.0. Andre Ward-Sakio Bika was the gimme, with only one […]

Carl Froch And Juan Manuel Marquez Make Big Impressions In Wins Saturday

(Carl Froch hits Arthur Abraham right above his ill-conceived white see-through trunks/red underwear combination; credit: Tom Casino, Showtime) What a wild night of fights. Carl Froch put on a master class in upsetting and outclassing Arthur Abraham. Juan Manuel Marquez put on a master class in stopping Michael Katsidis in a terrific brawl. Jason Litzau […]

Carl Froch Vs. Arthur Abraham Spoiler Post [UPDATED]

Click no further if you want to avoid finding out what happened in Finland today before it airs on Showtime tonight.  “Exposed” is an overused word in boxing, but two fights in a row now, super middleweight Arthur Abraham has had vulnerabilities in his style, well, exposed. What’s surprising is who did it this time: […]

The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Celestino Caballero, Giovanni Segura, Hozumi Hasegawa, Andre Berto And More

Happy Thanksgiving, jive turkeys! Is the image at right racist? I honestly don’t know. Unless there’s a movement to boycott this blog, I probably won’t care. Mainly I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but without appearing overly sentimental. Thus, possibly racist cartoon images of turkeys. You would think that it would be enough […]

Floyd Mayweather Drives Himself Off The Road

To some, the saddest sight in boxing is a prizefighter after the cheers have stopped. Recognition eludes them. Physical ailments destroy their former godlike physiques. Some experience slurred speech, which could be a harbinger of further ramifications of brain damage down the road. And sadly, most end up broke with no skills, no friends, nobody […]