Quick Jabs: Featuring The Biggest All-British Fight In 15 Years, Roy Jones’ Basketball Acumen And More

No time for blogging when you’re traveling through Ohio to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (yes, really) and making snow angels out of your Christmas presents (boxing-related book received: “The 12 Greatest Rounds of Boxing”). But I’m back in business. Out of the “promotional tricks I expect would backfire” toolbox this week came a cameo by […]

Samuel Peter’s Nigerian Nightmare

Nigerian news-site, Vanguard is reporting that WBC interim heavyweight titlist Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter was threatened with a shotgun by in-laws over a reported “minor domestic dispute”.  The incident reportedly took place on December 15th  at Le Meridien Hotel in Uyo, Akwa, Nigeria.

Boxing Day Banter

To those faithful readers of “Ring Report” I would like to extend warm holiday blessings to you and yours. With the end of 2007 near boxing seems to be taking a breather until next month but that is not to say that all is quiet in the world of the Sweet Science. Cintron wants Margarito […]

Please, No MMA For Money May

This is so… exasperating. Here boxing is, climbing back to the top of the world, and its newest transcendent star, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., is talking about moving to mixed martial arts. It’s hard to tell how serious any of this chatter is; ESPN’s reporting on it is fairly credulous, and I’m sure the talks are […]

Punch Drunk Ramblings

I had originally planned to post a year end type review of sorts but my highly respected colleague Tim beat me to the punch and if you have not read it yet I insist you do so.  In one word, it’s freaking awesome and you can take that to the lake!! (Special thanks to Eugene Dammrod […]

Quick Jabs, Featuring Boxer-Wrestlers (Again), Pacquiao, The Baby Bull And Grotesque Physiques

While we’re all catching our breath following the wrap-up to a stellar 2007 for boxing and getting ready for a Christmastime largely free of professional punching-in-the-face, please consider the following “Quick Jabs”: Tonight’s Vs. card pitting welterweight (147 lbs.) contender Joshua Clottey against unproven but undefeated Shamone Alvarez is about the last important fight on […]

2007 Boxing Year In Review: The Revival

Today, HBO announced that it had broken its record in 2007 for both pay-per-view buys (4.8 million) and pay-per-view dollars ($225 million), toppling its records set eight years ago. It simultaneously announced that about 850,000 people bought the Dec. 8 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – Ricky Hatton fight, a tad short of predictions, but enough to […]

Amazing Knockout: Linares-Diaz

Oh me oh my. Exciting young Jorge Linares (featherweight, 126 lbs.) landed one right on the button of Gamaliel Diaz last night. Rush over and check out the KO here before someone gets all Soviet on the copyright defense. I’m sticking by my pick for “KO of the year,” but this one’s a legit candidate.

To The Replay

There have been insinuations here and there that anyone who gave more than a round to Ricky Hatton when he fought Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (welterweight, 147 pounds) last weekend was blind. Respected boxing writer Michael Woods backtracked a little here upon watching the tape. After watching a replay, I will not. And I promise I […]

Award Round-Up

I’ve little to say in disagreement with Sean about his awards for “trainer of the year” and “worst decision of the year,” and I hardly have anything interesting to say about either (just short of unloading every metaphor and synonym for “historically bad” I can think of as it pertains to the judges who somehow […]

Hank Kaplan Passes Away

Noted boxing historian and International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Hank Kaplan passed away peacefully in his sleep early this morning.  He was 88. Kaplan has long been considered the foremost boxing historian.  A lifelong fan of the sport, Kaplan founded Boxing Digest in addition to serving as editor for Boxing World.  In 2002 Kaplan was […]

The 2007 Awards Pu Pu Platter

While me and my compadres here at Ring Report have already announced winners of our first annual year end awards. I wanted to take some time and share some of my personal award winners in what could be labeled as “lesser categories”. Read on and enjoy!

2007 Fight Of The Year

It’s become one of boxing’s highest compliments: “That was a fight of the year candidate!” You know them when you see them. They’re the ones with all that crazy drama and action, the ones that have you leaping out of your chair, the ones that make you exhale forcefully because you’re struggling to grasp the […]

Quick Jabs: Boxing’s Hollywood Wave, Hopkins’ Racial Remarks, Etc.

With the sport largely on cruise control through to the end of 2007, most of this week’s action has been outside the ring. This weekend’s fights are hardly worth noting, so I’ll hardly note them and focus on the other stuff. Three separate boxing flicks took steps forward this week. Sure to gain the most […]

2007 Round of the Year

Three minutes. To the the vast majority of us three minutes is an insignificant length of time. To a fighter inside the squared circle three minutes is an eternity. Careers can be launched or lost within those 180 seconds. Boxing provides a level of drama that simply cannot be replicated in any form or fashion […]