Samuel Peter’s Nigerian Nightmare

Nigerian news-site, Vanguard is reporting that WBC interim heavyweight titlist Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter was threatened with a shotgun by in-laws over a reported “minor domestic dispute”.  The incident reportedly took place on December 15th  at Le Meridien Hotel in Uyo, Akwa, Nigeria. According to Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro, the trouble began when during a heated argument Samuel Peter confiscated his wife Enobong Samuel Peter’s car keys then threw her out of their hotel room.  Enobong then called her brother Godwin Edet Etim and uncle Anthony Afia to come to her aid.  An altercation broke out between Samuel Peter and his in-laws where claims that Peter ripped his clothes and rushed the duo.  Etim went a retrieved a pump action shotgun concealed in his SUV and reports state that he “cocked” the weapon and aimed it at Peter.  No rounds were fired as three policemen at the hotel managed to grab Etim from behind and disarm him.  Etim told reporters that he was not going to kill Peter but only wanted to scare the boxer from doing his family harm.  “I then went to my uncle’s car to remove the gun but I wanted to scare him, not kill him, because he is so powerful and we cannot fight him. I want to say that I am not demented, I went to school and I am a married and responsible man. I agree that I pulled the gun. I only wanted to prevent him from assaulting my sister”. Samuel Peter is scheduled to fight Oleg Maskaev on March 8th in Cancun, MX.

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