Terence Crawford, Jerry Odom And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

A saying around my first newsroom was, “Puppies sell papers.” Perhaps, also, “Terence Crawford sells papers?” The week has already brought us a hanfdful of noteworthy bouts, some more meaningful than others: Flyweight Kazuto Ioka beat Keyvin Lara and junior featherweight Jonathan Guzman beat Shingo Wake; heavyweight Joseph Parker took out Solomon Haumono. But these are […]

ShoBox Results: Lopez, Foster Win; Two Suspect Draws

We might not have seen a top prospect on ShoBox Friday night. Instead we got one nice fight among the bunch with some uneven performances, and some sordid scorecards. The most sordid scorecards came after lightweight Christopher Brooker dominated John Magda, only to suffer a draw. Brooker won clearly, even easily; he was more aggressive, […]