The Curious Case Of Artur Beterbiev

Artur Beterbiev on Friday put on a display of power punching en route to a 1st round knockout, showcasing what has made him such a potential player in the light heavyweight division. The keyword, there, is “potential.” And sadly, he has fallen into a netherworld from whence his escape is unclear. Isidro Prieto didn’t have […]

Naoya Inoue And The Rest Of The Year’s Boxing Schedule

We’ve only got one week boxing left in 2016, and only one fight of note this weekend. So let’s gather up one large stone, and pelt a couple birds with it, crushing them brutally beneath it with one monumental feather-and-blood-spurting boulder. Naoya Inoue vs Kohei Kono, next Friday, Tokyo. The Japanese really do love packing […]