TQBR Radio 7/1: Terence Crawford Vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa Recap With Tim Starks

A pattern is emerging: 2014 is quickly becoming “the year where unlikely bouts become memorable struggles.” In two months, we had three fights with unlikely Fight of the Year smoke trails following them in Matthysse-Molina and Guerrero-Kamegai. And then Terence Crawford (above, right; via) toppling unbeaten Cuban almost-star Yuriorkis Gamboa had our blood flowing. As […]

TQBR Radio 6/3: Sergio Martinez Vs. Miguel Cotto Preview

Well, well, well. It seems Oscar de la Hoya (above, left; via) and Richard Schaefer have gone from business partners, to tanning teammates, to cash swimming-pool-diving buddy system enthusiasts, to frenemies, and are now splitsville. If we were Oscar, we’d be upset about losing a nice banking and chocolate connection, but that’s just us. This […]