Josh Warrington Upends Carl Frampton

Win the Powerball once, you’re a lucky bastard. Hit it twice? Now you must be up to something. And that’s why, on Saturday in Manchester, it was clear to anyone who’d been paying attention that Josh Warrington didn’t beat the odds. He’d rigged the game. Back in May, Warrington was the irresistible underdog, the locals’ […]

When The Devil Answers The Door: Amir Khan Just Might Get What He Wants

Amir Khan has been pounding on doors for awhile. He spent years chasing the best boxer in the eorld, Floyd Mayweather, to no avail. In fact, Mayweather seemed to revel in dangling a possible fight in front of Khan, only to rip it away like the school bully holding some poor kid’s lunch just out […]

The Pros And Cons Of Gennady Golovkin Vs David Lemieux

Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux is booked for HBO pay-per-view on Oct. 17, and there’s a lot to like: These are two of the five best middleweights in the world, both are exciting quantities and it’s sure to end in a sensational knockout. But there are some cons: It’s on pay-per-view, it might not be competitive and it […]