As Dela Hoya/Mayweather Promotional Tour Ends, The Plot Thickens: Floyd Sr. Shockingly Rejoins Son Against Oscar!!!

Miami- As the promotional tour for the Cinco de Mayo weekend mega fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. come to a screeching halt, one of the most shocking developments took place on the tail end. To the surprise of everyone involved, Floyd Mayweather Sr., (former trainer of Oscar De La Hoya), reunited with his son whom he also once trained, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Some speculated that this would happen when Oscar De La Hoya failed to satisfy the financial request of the Sr. Mayweather by paying him $2M to train him for this fight. It was the latest in a twist of odd events chronicled in the relationship between the father and son who’s success allowed them to rise to stardom collectively in the early portion of young Floyd’s career. As far as the promotion itself, it was a typical promotional day for both fighters. Oscar De La Hoya taking his modest, ‘quiet-storm’ type approach, while Floyd Mayweather Jr. continued his best Muhammad Ali impression, shooting verbal jabs across the airwaves, much to the dismay of De La Hoya. Oscar, (who aside from being a fighter on the card will actually promote the fight), at one point used his promoter’s cap ‘weight’ to get Floyd Mayweather Jr. to change his tour approach to one that was a bit more low-keyed. Oscar was quoted as telling the media that “one of his execs from Golden Boy Promotions told Team Floyd members to settle their fighter down or they’d send him home like a little kid”. Oscar would go on to acknowledge that he knew some of the antics was “for show” but in his words it was still “going a little too far”. Such actions would leave hardcore boxing fans scratching their heads, particularly when former greats like “Iron” Mike Tyson and perhaps the greatest ‘prefight-yapper’ of all time, Muhammad Ali, did far worst and still have an indelible print on the sport as a result. Whether this actions were taking things too far or not remains to be seen, but come May 5th, all the questions will be answered. Both fighters are ready to commence training camp and get things into gear. Their actions in front of the promotional tour crowds in every city showed exactly how eager they are to step into the ‘blue abyss’, and judging by the buzz on the streets there’s no way the title theme could have been any different, because THE WORLD truly AWAITS!!!

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