Boxing News, Notes: Roy Jones, Jr. To Meet Bernard Hopkins, De La Hoya’s New Trainer

“The Oscar Goes Too…”: Oscar De La Hoya has decided to go with the current trainer of Manny Pacquiao, the elite Freddie Roach. Roach has trained many highly notables in Boxing, including “Iron” Mike Tyson. De La Hoya stated that his decision had less to do with the asking price of Floyd Sr. ($2M), and more to due with the fact that he “didn’t feel comfortable training against his son”. After being informed, Freddie Roach resonded by saying “It’s a huge opportunity” for him, and later added that “everyone will see the best Oscar De La Hoya ever”. Training camp for Oscar De La Hoya and Freddie Roach is tentatively set to commence in late february on the island of Puerto Rico. Roy Jones Jr/Bernard Hopkins Update: Roy Jones Jr. (Square Ring, Inc), and DiBella Entertainment reached an agreement to co-promote Roy Jones Jr. in future matches. The exact details of the deal have not been completely made public, but the starting agenda has been made very clear. “Target a midsummer matchup with Bernard Hopkins no later than July 21”. DBE President Lou DiBella has confirmed that he is eager to see the deal done with relative ease, citing the fact that he “has never failed to make a fair deal with Golden Boy Promotions” when they negotiated a fight that their fighters wanted. Stay tuned for more developments as they come.

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