Boxing News, Notes: De La Hoya, Winky, Hopkins-Trinidad And Vargas All In The News

Oscar Looking Past Floyd?: In recent comments made to the local media here in Miami over Superbowl weekend, Oscar De La Hoya stated that after the Mayweather fight, “It’s Hatton” he wants most, and that he “would love to go to England to fight him”, citing that he’s in the “business of making great fights, and this will be one”. This was kind of odd for a man who’s legacy is on the line as he prepares for perhaps the most talented pure boxer that he has ever faced. This is the latest in a string of recent intriguing events to take place in the De La Hoya camp. Perhaps the most intriguing of them all was the decision to let go his trainer for the past 8 fights, Floyd Mayweather Sr. De La Hoya would later state that his decision to let Floyd Sr. go was born out of his desire to prevent a family feud between the trainer and his son, but all indications say that his actions, (as believed by Floyd Sr.), were taken in part mostly for financial reasons. There are two major things to consider in this debate between the two parties and they speak loudly about De La Hoya’s mindset. 1.) Not only is De La Hoya receiving a huge check to promote the fight, but he’s also being paid as one of the fighter’s being promoted. (Cha-Ching) 2.) If money wasn’t the major focal point, why will this be two years in a row where ODH’s only fight of the year will coincide with the huge mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo? Maybe because as a promoter he wants to financially capitalize on the festivities as his fellow mexican fans entertain themselves eating taco’s and washing them down with tequilla on this day like the rest of us who take part in the holiday. I could be wrong, but for a fighter making nearly $30M to fight, and another ‘only God knows how much’ as a promoter, not to drop $2M for the guy who may hold the key in a legacy defining fight says alot about the state of mind of the “Golden Boy”. If he does lose he’ll have many millions in the bank when it’s over to help him get over the defeat. Bernard Hopkins: ‘Wrong or Wright’? : After all the speculation last week and all the verbal commitments to come to terms in a highly touted rematch with Roy Jones Jr., “The Executioner”, has decided to ditch RJJ for a showdown with Winky Wright. Plans have been finalized and a date of July 21st has been slated for the two to wage war. The catch weight for the fight will be at 170lbs, and HBOPPV is expected to telecast the fight live. This is a risky proposition for an aging Hopkins who will be challenging one of the best defensive fighters in the game, who also comes well equipped with a solid south paw jab and granite chin. New York and Las Vegas are the two cities being considered to host. Tito Trinidad Set To Return?: Felix “Tito” Trinidad is apparently considering to come out of retirement once again. This time his prime target is Cory Spinks who was victorious saturday night over Rodney Jones on the Don King promoted card out in Kissimmee, Florida. Spinks is a highly notable fighter, but his ability to withstand the punching power of Tito is in question. He’s a slick soutpaw with better than average defensive skills, but it’s like “Iron” Mike Tyson said years ago…”All those defensive skills and plans go out the window when a pure puncher connects”. This’ll be an interesting fight shall it come to fruition, but it’s believed to be a stepping stone for Tito to win and setup one more potential mega showdown with the winner of the De La Hoya vs Mayweather fight. Stay tuned for more details as they come. Troubled Ricardo Mayorga To Fight Fernando Vargas?: After two recent brushes with the law in his native country, Nicaragua, Ricardo Mayorga has apparently flown to Miami to sit down with Don King to hash out a deal that would have him squaring off against Fernando Vargas. The tentative date is set for the same night of the Mayweather/De La Hoya showdown. Hopefully the promoters will find a way to get it on the same card, (which has been discussed), as the mega showdown because that night will undoubtedly belong to Oscar and Floyd, as it is already expected to be the biggest boxing night ever, selling out in just 3hrs. Weekend Fight Results: Chad Dawson (23-0 15KO’s) defeated Tomasz Adamek (31-1 20KO’s) to become the new WBC Light Heavyweight Champion. It was a lopsided unanimous decision with scores of 118-108, 117-109, and 116-110. In undercard action IBF Lightweight Champion Jesus Chavez (34-4 25KO’s), defeated former champ Julio Diaz (43-4 30KO’s), after a 3rd round knockout at the hands of an apparent leg injury. Also, World Light Middleweight Champion Cory Spinks (36-3 11KO’s) won a decision over Rodney Jones (37-4-1 23KO’s). Scored rendered were 118-109 and 120-108 twice.

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