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Ever since the Oscar Dela Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr. mega showdown fight fans around the globe have been anxious to see what act would follow. Come this weekend they have to look no further as we get set to see some of the best names in the business within the next few months, this weekend kicks off the Boxing aftermath as we take a closer look at two matchups that will easily give fight fans something to chew on.

  • 05/19 Jermaine Taylor (26-0-1, 17KO’s) vs Cory Spinks (36-3,11KO’s)

This matchup pairs two fighters with very different styles. Taylor is a much stronger puncher, and has been in the ring with some of the perinneal fighters of this era, (Winky Wright and Bernard Hopkins). Although Cory Spinks is a great defender it should be noted that he was rocked by a much smaller Zab Judah as a welterweight, so considering that this is his first fight as a middleweight, it’s tough for me to see him going far in this matchup against an aggressive, powerful fighter with a very relentless approach.

  • 05/19 Edison Miranda (28-1, 24KO’s) vs Kelly Pavlik (30-0, 27KO’s)

For those fight fans out there that want to see fireworks, get your popcorn ready, this is the one. You have two of the best fighters in the Middleweight division who both come to deliver punishment and won’t back down from an opponent who brings it either. With 51 KO’s between the two of them it’s easy to think someone will be destined for the perfect spot to watch the ceiling (on their back), but neither guy has a weak chin so get the band aids and gauze pads ready, this is gonna be a long night for both guys. Both of these fights should be highly competitive and on Saturday we’ll feature a full scale layout with predictions for the two fights. Tune in Saturday night on HBO (NON-PPV) at 1015pm est. On A Sad Note… Last week the sport of Boxing lost one of it’s brightest stars when 29 year old Diego “Chico” Corrales died in Las Vegas following a fatal motorcycle accident on the night of May 7th. Two years ago on that very same night he was victorious in one of the best Boxing fights in history as he came back from several tenth round knockdowns to stop Jose Luis Castillo in a bloody slugfest. Diego was a fearless Boxer who never let a challenge of any kind stop his desire to wanna conquer it as time and time again he fought the best in the business. His life was one of many obstacles, hence the tattoo on his stomach “M.O.P.” which was an acronym meaning Made Out of Poverty”. He overcame that lifestyle as well as a prison stint for domestic abuse which was a charge he got with his first wife. Many issues were a part of Corrales’ life in years of the past but he was never one to sit in a somber mood for long, instead always aiming high to get back on his feet and do major things on a more positive note both in his sport as well as in his personal life. As tough as some of the obstacles he faced were, on the fatal night of May 7th, he would unfortunately be in a position he could not overcome as his motorcycle apparently hit the back of one car – which sent him flying – and word is he was run over by another. Just goes to show that even as a fearless warrior, none of us in life are immortal. Boxing has no doubt lost one of it’s most prized possessions and Most Valuable Network would like to send a silent prayer to “Chico” and his wife, as well as his six children. The world of Boxing will miss you brother…May you rest in peace. GOD Bless. One Love!

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