Celebrity Predictions On Dela Hoya/Mayweather

MVN’s Vivek Wallace: I find this fight going to Floyd Dela Hoya….Ok, I know I can’t pick both but tell me how to breakdown the various intangibles and I’ll gladly pick one or the other. You have Oscar who is simply too big, too strong, and too skilled not to catch Floyd at some point in the fight. Then you have Floyd who’s the closest thing to a total package that the sport has seen in decades. I really have no inclination as to who will pull it off. One thing I CAN say is that if Floyd wins against a bigger, more experienced, and almost equally talented guy, I don’t ever wanna here anyone dispute his “G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time) claims again because a one-sided victory over the “Golden Boy” would definitely represent him being on of the best in history. Consider his concessions on ring size, weight, gloves used, and money which means Oscar has every advantage and in effect, no excuses. If Floyd does win, what I really wanna know is what will his haters find to say about him then? MVN’s Eric Moir: I find myself thinking about Billy Conn vs. Joe Louis, Archie Moore and the multiple times he moved up to heavyweight, even De La Hoya vs. Hopkins. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never been rocked like he will be moving up in weight this Saturday. And even though Mayweather is crazy fast, De La Hoya is no tortoise (see Arturo Gatti). “Pretty Boy” is going to get hit, and even if he doesn’t fall, he will slow considerably. Expect De La Hoya to pound Mayweather’s body, and look for Mayweather’s corner to try and renegotiate for a larger ring by the end of round five. Ricky Ray (Boxerdrillz.com) In my opinion the first 3 to 5 rounds will be a cakewalk for Floyd. With the exception of a possible “flash” knockdown I believe his elusiveness, finesse & quick counter shots will prove to be too much for Hoya. Yet as the fight grinds through into the later rounds, Hoyas ring smarts will begin to emerge and he’ll discover a way to time Floyds “moves”. Into the Championship rounds my take is that the “good big man” (Hoya) will have his way with the good little man (Floyd) possibly stopping him late in the fight. I see Hoya by decision, possibly late round stoppage Boxer Manny Pacquiao: Oscar Dela Hoya Rap-Star 50 Cent: Floyd Mayweather Jr. NBA’s Alonzo Mourning: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard: Oscar Dela Hoya Boxer Jermaine Taylor: Floyd Mayweather Jr. NBA’s Jalen Rose: Floyd Mayweather Jr. NBA’s Caron Butler: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rap Star Nelly: Floyd Mayweather Jr. NFL Legend Barry Sanders: Floyd Mayweather Jr …He’s younger and hungrier. Boxing Great Teddy Atlas: I Like Mayweather, but Dela Hoya’s a very ‘LIVE’ underdog. Great Boxing Trainer Buddy McGirt: I lean towards Oscar. ESPN Boxing Reporter Dan Rafael: Speed kills…I like Floyd Mayweather Jr. USA Today’s Chuck Johnson: Both fighters have certain edges…I can’t call it. Tomorrow is the very last installment of Most Valuable Networks salute to Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Check out “THE AFTERMATH”, which takes a look at the fight after it happened and what led to the decision.

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