Ear To The Streetz: Fan Predictions On De La Hoya-Mayweather

Here we stand on the eve of perhaps Boxing’s biggest fight night ever and in the midst of it all it doesn’t take long to realize that there’s simply no escaping the hype. During this 20 day countdown dating back to April 15th we’ve covered every possible scenario and dissected it down to the point of hair splitting. Since there’s very few angles left to explore, today we turn it over to the fans to get their take on the fight, and in tomorrow’s fight night edition we cozy up with the ‘ballers and shot-callers of the world to see who they like. With well over 7,000 votes in, here we take a look at the top 20.
Chris Boulahanis (Side Pocket Sports Bar/Margate, Florida) -(Ranked Best Sports Bar In Margate, Florida)

  • I see Floyd Mayweather Jr. winning this fight based on speed alone. His hands are quicker, his defense is better, and his offense is more than adequate. I see Dela Hoya making a strong push, but Mayweather’s in his prime, and Dela Hoya is probably a little past his.

Maurice/Charlotte, NC

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr….Absolutely. Floyd’s skill level is unparalleled and he has barely reached his prime. Oscar has a puncher’s chance but to quote his trainer, “You can’t hurt what you can’t hit”.

Celebrity and Cridisizm (Street Groove Magazine & Entertainment)

  • We see Floyd Mayweather Jr. taking this fight for two reasons…His talent, and because we said so!!!

Katt Banks/Lauderhill, Fl (Entrepreneur)

  • He’s young and hungry. Why not feast on a vet like Oscar Dela Hoya…Big up’s to the “Pretty Boy”.

Guillermo Vega (Will)/Miami Lakes, Fl (Musician/Rocker)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr….Mos Def!!! He’s fast as hell. People talk about Oscar’s left hook but they sleep on his. Also, I like Floyd’s dodging ability which should come in handy, late rounds in particular.

Curtis/Los Angeles, CA (Disc Jockey)

  • Oscar Dela Hoya. He’s bigger, he’s stronger, and I see him imposing his will on Floyd like no one else has and Floyd won’t know what the hell to do. Floyd’s gonna get KTFO.

Charles/Atlanta, GA (Teacher)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. This guy is like a modern day Muhammad Ali. He talks the talk and walks the walk. I don’t count Dela Hoya out completely but Floyd is just a once in a generation type fighter and if he beats Oscar soundly, it’ll be hard for anyone to deny his greatness or question his legacy.

Lavell Miller/Seattle, WA (Army)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. Simply because it’s his destiny. This guy was throwing jabs since he was knee high to a duck. He’s a consummate trainer which gives him optimal conditioning, and his skills are unreal. He won’t knockout Oscar but I like him in the fight.

C-Ripa/Bronx, NY (Rap Artist)

  • Too close to call. Oscar has the power, Floyd has the speed, Oscar has the experience, Floyd has the Defense. Hell, If I knew this I’d be droppin’ dimes in Vegas trying to get paid. My gut says Oscar,  my heart say Floyd.

Barry W./Philadelphia, PA (Chef)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxing can use another flamboyant character. This cat is flashy. Swimming pools and strippers, with a bank account that’s in 6 figures.

Martha Vega/Phoenix, AZ (Realtor)

  • Oscar Dela Hoya. His skills are just as good as his looks. Why not support a hottie that can fight? He’s the perfect gentleman and Floyd is the exact opposite.

Richard/England (Fitness Instructor)

  • Oscar Dela Hoya. He has a much bigger heart than Floyd and his chin is stronger. If Oscar didn’t get knocked out by Shane he won’t be stopped by a smaller Mayweather.

Ray Jackson/Hawaii (Guitarist)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. based on youth and ability. Oscar has the experience but he’s fake and needs to be exposed.

Rhonda Davis/Memphis (Bartender)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. because he deserves the recognition that Oscar has gotten for so long.

Cynthia Epps/Okinawa, JA (U.S. Marine Corp)

  • Oscar Dela Hoya easily. Could go down as the easiest fight of his career. No contest.

Paul Nagle/Boca Raton (Cab Driver)

  • Oscar De La Hoya because he really gets up for big fights. He knows that his legacy is on the line and he won’t go out like that. I expect him to come in like he hasn’t in recent years and do the impossible against Boxing’s pound for pound champ.

Rebecca Harris/Miami, Fl (Exotic Dancer)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. A man with a body and smile like that deserves to sit at the winner’s table. Only thing he’s missing is me and some Hypnotiq.

Marcus Rodriguez/San Diego (MRI Tech)

  • I like Oscar for the simple fact that he’s Mexican. Our fighters are true warriors and always leave their heart on the canvas. It’s Cinco De Mayo and he’s fighting on the biggest stage ever…He won’t let down.

Deren Woods/Dallas, TX (Salesman)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. is too slick for Oscar. His power is a bit underrated and I think if Oscar takes him lightly he may find out the hard way. Literally.

Josh Stacey/Freeport, Bahamas (Cargo Operator)

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. I like his style and his ability to think in the ring. He is a very rare talent.

This was (20) of the more ‘colorful’ picks among a vote that tallied 7,421 votes. 3,858 (52%) said Floyd Mayweather Jr. , 3,191 (43%) said Oscar Dela Hoya, and 372 (5%) were undecided. Usually nobody beats the odds but if there’s a fighter that can pull it off, It’s Oscar. With less than 36 hrs until fight time, we’ll soon find out. Check out tomorrow’s celebrity pick, as well as the MVN Staff Writers…Yeah, that means me too!!!

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