Fight Night Results: Collazo Target Practice For Shane Mosley, Vivian Harris Victorious

MIAMI- In what turned out to be a very lopsided event, ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley came out looking like the Shane ‘of old’ with ripping combinations and speed unparalleled by nearly anyone in the sport today en route to a 12th round UD victory over Luis Collazo. The three judges scored the match 118-109 twice, and 119-108. Shane Mosley (44W-4L, 37KO’s), took about two rounds to figure out the crafty southpaw and went to work from there landing at will and even knocking the ‘brooklynite’ down in the 11th round with a flush shot. Luis Collazo (27W-3L, 13KO’s), was barely fortunate to land anything meaningful at all throughout the night with exception to a few power shots landed in the 2nd round, one that apparently got Shane’s attention prior to the bell ending the round. This would be his final moment of praise in the fight for Collazo as he would struggle to connect all night due mostly in part to the fancy footwork of Shane. Collazo’s cornermen were’nt shy about letting their fighter know that he needed to step up his activity and could be heard midway through the fight letting Collazo know that he wasn’t fighting as if he had a chance to win. Collazo could be seen on the stool between rounds looking very nervous, eyes closed and somewhat tense which was a complete turnaround from the beginning of the fight where Shane was reprimanded in his corner by trainer/father Jack Mosley for being too hyper, and Collazo was the one who appeared under control. For Collazo, there are a few options to consider as he picks up the pieces and moves on after two straight losses at the hands of a few highly seasoned pro’s (Mosley and Hatton). The Welterweight division is among the deepest and most talented in boxing today, and with the likes of Antonio Margarito, Paul Williams, Miguel Cotto, and a host of others, getting back in the thick of things with a victory over one of these opponents would surely do the trick. For Shane Mosley, it’ll be interesting to see what he does next in light of a performance that reestablished him as one of the perinneal players in the division, if not the most talented from a total package standpoint. He knows how to engage and exchange, he has a good chin that allows him to take a good shot, and his speed/power combination separates him from most highly notables. After the fight, when asked of his future plans Shane stated that he will “see what happens with De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather”, but he also stated that he won’t sit idle while doing it. His plans are to fight once again in the summer to stay sharp and set the table for a possible showdown against the Mayweather/De La Hoya winner in the late fall. In the televised undercard matchup tonight it was Vivian Harris (27W-2L 1D, 18KO’s), barely squeezing past Juan Lazcano (37W-3L 1D, 27KO’s) in a contest that contained alot of ebb and flow. Vivian Harris was clearly the better boxer, but his inability to keep the fight at a distance where he was clearly untouchable nearly cost him the fight as he had nothing for the inside fight game of Lazcano.

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