Hatton Stops Castillo In 4 Rds!!!

Hatton Destroys Castillo Last night HBO televised a non-PPV telecast featuring Brit phenom Ricky Hatton 43-0, 43KO’s vs Jose Luis Castillo 55-8-1, 47KO’s. It was supposed to be a great fight but it was obvious from the first bell that Castillo was only a shell of what he once was. A couple years ago we saw Castillo take part in what has been dubbed, and is arguably the best boxing match of all time against the late Diego “Chico” Corrales, the famed boxer who recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. As great a fight as that was, unfortunately it’s been relatively down hill for Castillo as he has failed continuously to regain his glory days as one of boxing’s greatest warriors. Hatton On The Rise? Hatton, eager to perform better than he has in his last two fight here in America, came out from the very beginning of the fight with wicked intentions, sending gut-busting body shots to any space available on the body of Castillo. Coming into the fight everyone knew Hatton was quicker, but no one knew he would be this much quicker as he continued to beat Castillo to the punch and land the kind of shots that are synonymous with sending an opponent to the shower early. After such a dominating performance, Hatton was asked about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his somewhat lackluster performance against Oscar Dela Hoya and Hatton responded by saying that he gave the Las Vegas crowd more in those 4 rounds than Mayweather has given the boxing public over the years! That statement spoke volumes in terms of whether or not Hatton is ready to face Mayweather. Trouble is, Hatton has not looked great in his welterweight campaign and in order to capture a huge payday with boxing’s Pound 4 Pound Champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr., he would have to do so which is possible, but very improbable. That could speak volumes in terms of why he made the comment to begin with. It’ll be interesting, but only time will tell as possible negotiations between the two camps may commence shortly.

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