Mayweather and De La Hoya Prepare For Tour Finale: Training Camp To Start Soon!!!

Miami- As the promotional tour for the May 5th Mega fight comes to a halt, both Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather seem ready to begin what could easily be the toughest, most grueling training tenure of their illustrious careers. On Friday, the fighters made a tour stop under the blazing sun of Miami Beach which was the first stop in the tour to this point that allowed them to peel off the jackets and coats. Festivities took place in front of a very large, predominantly latin crowd, with a hand full of celebrities onlooking as well. ‘Wild-man’ Ricardo Mayorga, Training Great Angelo Dundee, and Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Lee Evans, among a few other notables were all on hand. As the fans gathered with camera’s in the ready position, the fighter’s came out individually. ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd walked the red carpet with the sounds of “Another one bites the dust” blazin’ from the speakers. Dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, he appeared to be very relaxed and eager to mingle and entertain the crowd. Oscar De La Hoya, (forever the businessman), walked the red carpet in a gray suit with the sounds of a Mexican Mariachi band, catering to his strong Mexican/Latin fan base in Miami. Once the fighters got to the podium it was all business for both men as Floyd took the floor first and made it clear he was all fun and games at the time, but come fight night, it will be about one thing, “adding #38” to his total tally. Floyd was initially modest, thanking GOD, and his fans for the opportunity to put his talent to display his talent. Then a more serious Mayweather went on a tirade that culminated in a very brash, “I’m gonna bust his ass”. As he walked away he simply stated that everyone should expect a “good fight from two good fighters”, and “may the best man win”. Oscar De La Hoya would next come to the podium with his ‘game-face’ on, and appeared to be all business. He stated that his “motivation is at an all time high”, and that “he will give his fans nothing less than his most complete performance of all time”. After comments there was a stare down type face off at center stage. De La Hoya remained in ‘quiet-storm’ mode, expressions revealing everything, as Floyd was definitely more vocal, letting De La Hoya know that he is “unlike any other fighter he’s ever fought” and come May 5th “all the talking stops”. Later this week the press tour will come to a screeching halt as the fighters prepare to touch down at their respective training facilities and gear up for what appears to be the biggest boxing showdown to ever happen in the sport. The live gate record previously held by Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis appears set to be shattered. The pay-per view record which was previously held by Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield appears set to be shattered; And one other key note to this fight is that it is set to be shown in 176 countries world wide which is unprecedented. Unfortunately fight time is still a few months away, but in the mean time, it’ll surely be fun to watch the fighters prepare. Starting in April, HBO will air a show which will chronicle the fighters and their training camps as fans prep up for the mega showdown. The tour will come to an end later this week as the fighters make final stops in Dallas/Houston, and San Francisco/Vegas. Most Valuable Network would like the thank Oscar Dela Hoya, Golden Boy Promotions as well as ‘Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather and the Mayweather camp for allowing us to be part of the promotional tour that will culminate into the largest fight ever witnessed in the sport…”The World Awaits”!!!

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