News And Notes From The Left Hook Lounge: Oscar Moves On, Vitali Returns

‘8 Is Enough’: What was once speculation has now been confirmed. News coming out of the “GoldenBoy” camp is that after 8 matches together as a trainer/boxer tandem, ODH has decided to take his business elsewhere after turning down the request of the Sr. Mayweather to pay him $2M to train him to fight his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr. for their May 5th megafight in Vegas. It was believed that the high asking price was an “out” for the Sr. Mayweather who most felt, (despite past problems), did not want to train another man to dethrone his son. For Oscar it’s a double-edged sword with neither edge working in his advantage because if he keeps Floyd Sr. and loses the fight, it would serve as a built in excuse for him in the eyes of skeptics, inclined to say that he never felt comfortable being trained by an opponents father; Aside from that, with ODH not keeping him, Floyd Sr. can decide to take part in his son’s camp to help him train for ODH, divulging weaknesses of Oscar that only a trainer would know. Neither scenario bodes well for Oscar so whatever plan he employs better be well thought out because this fight will be one that somewhat defines or perhaps cements a great part of his legacy in the eyes of boxing fans around the globe. Vitali Klitschko Gives Samuel Peter A Different “Nightmare”: After spending the last 6 years developing his skills and hoaning his craft in route to a heavyweight showdown for the WBC Championship strap with Oleg Maskaev, Samuel Peter has learned that he will not be able to move forward with the fight after learning that the WBC has reinstated Vitali Klitscko as the number one contender based on his return to the sport. Peter responded to the news by saying “It’s a disgrace”. He later went on to say “He’s (Vitali) not a real champion because he got his belt when Lennox Lewis retired, and Maskaev isn’t either because he’s been trying to avoid me. Let me go knock Maskaev out, and then I’ll knock out both Klitschko brothers on the same night”!!! Sounds like words straight from the ‘diary of a mad man’. Typically it’s the cookies, but in this case we’ll just have to see how the ‘faces’ crumble.

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