Pacquiao Wins, Valuev Suffers First Loss!!!

Manny Pacquio(44W-3L-2Dr, 34KO’s) Vs Jorge Solis (32W-1L-2Dr, 23KO’s)

  • Manny Pacquiao was able to overcome a rough start by slowing down and eventually stopping his previously unbeaten opponent Jorge Solis . Midway through the fight there was a very key moment as Pacquiao received what appeared to be an accidental headbutt. Immediately following that, Pacquiao saw the ‘eye of the tiger’ and his performance afterward was nothing less than vintage Pacquiao as he went on a tear that eventually culminated in a knockdown and soon after, a knockout. Nearly 15,000 were in attendance at the Alamao Dome in San Antoinio, TX and they definitely got their money worth.

Nikolay Valuev (46W-1L, 34 KO’s) Vs Ruslan Chugaev (22W-0L-1Dr, 17KO’s)

  • The late great Rocky Marciano can rest in peace a bit longer as the closest threat to his longstanding undefeated record was dethroned tonight. Albeit by a relative unknown by most boxing insiders, it’s still pretty hard to come to grips with the notion of the ‘gentle giant’ being able to get dethroned in the first place. How is it possible to beat a guy who weighs 90lbs more and stands 11 inches taller without a rolling ladder? Unreal, but it’s a reality that most boxing insider’s saw coming a mile away. Some viewed him as simply a ‘freak of nature’ with marginal skills. Having seen him fight a few times I wouldn’t necessarily agree but it’s hard to make that argument. In defeat the ‘gentle giant’ was still far from enraged as he stated that he ‘agreed with the judges decisions’. Final score cards read 114-114, 115-113, and a lopsided 117-111.

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