Scarface: Can The Pretty Boy Walk Away Unblemished?

Day 8: With right over a week left until the showdown we’ve all awaited, there’s still a little time for analysis. We’ve looked at a wide array of topics relative to the two masterful boxers but today we do the unthinkable. Or is it really? Although the ‘house’ money seems to be on “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather, the underground circuit seems to sway towards the “Golden Boy”. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint who has the true edge in the match but one thing for sure, even the biggest Floyd proponents know there’s a chance we could see something that the Boxing world has never seen come May 5th. That is the possibility of Floyd leaving the ring with an “L” instead of a “W”. Providing a ‘microscopic’ view, we analyze this possibility a little closer: How “Pretty” Will Floyd Be In The End? In Oscar Dela Hoya, there’s a certain symbolical effect. He represents the top of the mountain in the sport that has been his passion since he was knee high to a duck. As we stated in earlier installments of the countdown, he’s an Olympian, a Champion in multiple weight classes, and just flat out, a masterful Boxer. Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the other hand has done everything Oscar has done with the lone exception being an Olympic Gold Medal. Although Floyd is in his prime and Oscar is arguably past his, Dela Hoya is the wrong guy to give a punchers chance to because he’s rarely failed at any opportunity he’s received. Considering that this fight is one that will define his legacy, you can expect an already ‘heart strong’ Oscar to put it all on the line and leave it all on the mat. This is undoubtedly the biggest test of Mayweather’s career and considering that Oscar’s legacy is on the line, what does that mean for Floyd? Question Asked, Answer Given That question can be answered quite simply. Just as Oscar has a legacy on the line, so does Floyd. After all, it’s Floyd who’s contemplating retirement, not Oscar. Win, lose, or draw, Oscar plans to keep the bombs blasting. For Floyd it’s said to be one and done. If that’s a true speculation you would imagine that Floyd will come out with everything his arsenal has ever contained. Oscar gets a lot of hype surrounding his left hook but people forget that’s the same shot that Floyd employs when a fighter is a bit dazed and I’ve never been hit by either so I cant say who’s is harder, but I can tell you Floyd’s gets their a lot quicker. Former WBC Lightweight titleholder Genaro Hernandez, (One of the few men to fight both Oscar and Floyd), stated in a recent edition of Ring Magazine that you’d have to be in the ring with Floyd to comprehend his greatness. This statement resonates loudly as it’s very clear that he’s even better than most give him credit for. That says quite a bit for a guy we’ve already dubbed Pound for Pound best. At The End Of The Day When it all comes down, if there was ever a night where Floyd could end up learning what it feels like to fight with one eye open and one eye closed, this is it. In preliminary theory, his greatness is matched, his skill level is matched, his ability is matched, and to some, his heart level is exceeded. Now that’s a preliminary theory; In reality, there’s no way to really know this but there’s only one way to find out. That way comes at the moment. The very moment when Floyd feels that crashing left hook of Oscar’s and has to decide whether he should lay down, or shoot one of his own. That moment comes when he throws some of the best ‘mustard’ he has in his arsenal and it doesn’t seem to faze Dela Hoya a whole lot and he questions whether he needs to get on his ‘bike’ or stand their and pump his fist like a kid at a rap concert. That moment comes when he gets trapped on a rope by a stronger, bigger Dela Hoya and there’s only one way out, that’s to take the risk of fighting back without putting up a guard. Technically, that moment could come when he reaches any of those adversities but if Floyd’s as good as we all feel he is, that moment should simply come much earlier…As in when he wakes up on the morning of May 5th and realizes in a very Fred Sanford type fashion, that this “The Big One”. In order for Floyd to win he’ll have to be prepared to do everything he’s always done and even more of the things he’s never done. In example, brawl with a heavier, maybe stronger guy for a full twelve rounds, be willing to take some ‘bombs’ to land a few of his own, and last but not least, go toe to toe and find a way to get into the psyche of a man who’s a bit ‘hard-headed’ when it comes to the fight game. In a literal position, to answer the question, “Will Floyd walk away on May 5th unblemished”, physically I say no. From the figurative position, “Can he walk away from the ring with an unblemished record”?, if I knew the answer I’d place every penny I have with the slots crew in Vegas…But since I don’t, guess we’ll have to all wait and see. Which is why, as we know, “The World Awaits”. Tomorrow’s installment of the countdown takes a look at Oscar Dela Hoya in: G(OLD)EN BOY: “Will Oscar’s Age Finally Catch Up To Him”? This is a legitimate look a a serious issue facing a great fighter who has possibly been in one too many wars. Keep it locked right here as we take it to the max with 7 days left.

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