Some More Quick Links

My esteemed colleague Tim provided an excellent collection of links regarding tonight’s Mayweather/Hatton showdown.  As the fight draws near I too wanted to share a few links I stumbled across recently.

  • If you want to get my prediction for this fight you can go here.  Additionally my editor at FightHype has solicited fight predictions from some of the biggest names in the sport so read on to see how not only I but Vernon Forrest see this fight.
  • Former light heavyweight contender John “Iceman” Scully has written a very interesting piece over at  The Sweet Science. His piece focuses on why despite Mayweather’s immense talent he never will be regarded in a beloved light.  You can read his piece here.
  • Hereis a Youtube clip of Mayweather acting his most ghetto.  If you ask me his act is clearly contrived and reeks of effort.
  • ESPN’s Teddy Atlas gives his opinion on Mayweather/Hatton here.
  • And finally, SecondsOut’s Ben Cohen delivers an excellent piece on why he thinks Ricky Hatton will emerge victorious tonight here.

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