The Men, The Myth: The Truth About Oscar And Floyd

Day 16: Today, day #16 falls off the calendar and we get one step closer to the May 5th showdown between Oscar Dela Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Every step of the way we plan to decipher something new and revealing about the fellas and today is perhaps the most compelling as we take a look at the two men away from the ring. Savage beast inside the ‘blue abyss’, both of these guys are actually the total opposite outside of it. Read on to learn exactly who these guys really are when the gloves come off. Feature (1) will cover Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Feature (2) will cover Oscar Dela Hoya. The Man, The Myth: The Truth About Floyd… Often seen as a braggadocio waiting to happen, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is actually a man who’s verbal fountain simply flows with confidence that he hopes eliminate consequence. From the very beginning of the promotion for his megafight with Oscar Dela Hoya, Floyd made it clear that “it takes two to dance”, so they (he and Oscar) merely formed the proper partnership to pull off the greatest fight in fight history. He was quoted as telling media members that “in every matchup you have one good guy and one bad”, so since Oscar has the established ivory image, he’ll gladly be the ‘bad guy’. Much of the arrogance displayed since the promotion began is right on par with the greats like Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson, two legends who both used words to gain a mental edge in the pre-fight ‘head game’ before the two even enter the ring. A man who seems to always be yappin’ wouldn’t appear to be too humble, but quite the contrary, Floyd Mayweather Jr. would rather be spending time with his four kids (2 boys, 2 girls), and the woman who gave them to him, Ms. Josie Harris. Floyd beams when asked about his preferably ‘behind the scenes’ type significant other who is a model and aspiring actress. Aside from her and his kids, Floyd glows when the mere thought of one family member in particular comes up. His Grandmother, Bernice Mayweather, whom he credits as his ‘rock’, gives him strength just by realizing odds and accomplishments she’s come across in her day. During the promotional tour at the Miami Beach stop I had a chance to chat with Floyd and cornerman Leonard Ellerbe and it was quite a refreshing experience as those up close enough got a chance to see more of the ‘sheep’ personality, rather than the more popular wolf clothing that typically contains it. He stood in the sweltering heat for over an hour talking to fans and signing autographs when members of his entourage encouraged him to call it a day. This was a stark contrast from the guy you see on television. Kinda shines light on the fact that the made for TV HBO special was full of edits and clips which don’t always display the true picture. To conclude Floyd’s piece it’s very appropriate to quote a question posed by R&B great R. Kelley: “HEAVEN WHEN U NEED A HUG, IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WILLING TO EMBRACE A THUG”? Good question, especially considering the fact that this one is simply playing his created alter-ego role. The Man, The Myth: The Truth About Oscar… Once upon a time there was a point when the ‘Goldenboy’ of Boxing could do no wrong, however in this current era where writers and editors ‘pencil whip’ a man without really uncovering his true essence we’ve learned that even the innocent can barely survive. In the twilight of his career, Oscar has been subjected to critics who constantly list alleged motives over motivations, and setbacks over elevations. Is he doing it only for the Money?, is he sleeping around?, did he have a child out of wedlock? All of these ignorant questions have been answered, and rather than responding with the same venom spewed in his direction, he chose to answer with his grace and class. An avid lover of family as well, Oscar has not only carried the Boxing torch for his siblings, but he’s extended his helping hand to others who are less fortunate. To honor his late Mother, Oscar opened a cancer detection center named the Cecilia Gonzalez Dela Hoya Cancer Center. This was only one small act of kindness for a man who’s early life struggles have defined his character. Not bad for a man who’s ‘3-D’ philosophy (by his own admission) stands for Desire, Discipline, and Dedication as opposed to Drinks, Drugs, and Drama. To all the critics out there who continue to use his name to gain fame, the next time before you tell the public about him offering $250K in cash money to induce another Boxer to join his promotion company, try telling them about the $1M he donated towards the construction of the White Memorial Medical Center, or the many other sources he’s dedicated his hard earned money to. He fights for a living, he loves for a cause. Tomorrow’s Day #15 will be a testament to one of the fastest/baddest boxer’s of our era. Yesterday we asked what Makes Oscar Dela Hoya so good in “Silver Lining, Made Of Gold”, today we covered both guys out side of the ring, and tomorrow we’re gonna look at what makes Floyd Mayweather Jr. so good in “Don’t Hate The Player, Hate His Game”!!! Keep it locked as we plan to ride this train until it stops…Which is May 5th in the jam packed MGM Grand where “The World Awaits” the outcome.

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