This Weekend In Boxing: Welterweight War, Two Giants Collide

Miami- This weekend picks right up where the “Redemption” fight card left off two weeks ago when James Toney took on the “Nigerian Nightmare”, Samuel Peter. In two separate fight cards, this weekend things will be far from boring in boxing as the boxing world will finally get a chance to see two highly anticipated matches. The welterweight division will display an epic battle between two ‘unbeatens’ when Brit Ricky Hatton (41W-0L 30KO’s), takes on columbian bruiser JuanUrango (17W-0L, 1D, 13KO’s) under the bright lights of Vegas where both will appear for the first time in their careers. With two undefeated titans set to wage war with one another, someone’s “O” must go. It will be an interesting fight as the two men both have a very ‘come straight at you’ orientation, and neither fights well going backwards. ‘Giant Heavyweight’s Collide’ Also, in another showdown, across the pond in Switzerland will be what amounts to a literal ‘Super Heavyweight’ Championship bout as the 7 footer Nikolai Valuev (45W-0L, 33KO’s) takes on 6 foot 6 inch American Jameel McCLine (38W-6L, 3D, 23KO’s). There will be nearly 600lbs in the ring going head to head, and both men are vowing to make the other leave the ring on his back. That could be catastrophic as the ring is only so big, and there’s no chance possible these two could take too many steps without running into one another. A full scale promotional piece of both fights displaying strengths, weaknesses, and predictions will be published online the day of the fight. Stay tuned, gear up.

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