What They Say: Talking Strategies With The Experts

Well, Day #2 is down and in the next few days so could be the legacy of one of the two fighters set to wage war in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand come Saturday night. Every step of the way we’ve covered topic after topic, and scenario after scenario, and what’s so fly about this whole thing is that even though we’re 18 days deep into this countdown, that ‘newness’ feeling is still as stiff as a Dela Hoya Jab and as swift as Floyd’s gift to gab. Today we take a look at three strategies as discussed in the greatest of all Boxing magazines – (“The Ring” Magazine), and decipher the findings as stated by three of the best in the biz in respect to what they do and what they’ve done. Genaro Hernandez (Former WBC Lightweight Champ/38W-2L-17KO’s)

  • “Floyd’s a hell of a counterpuncher. If I were to fight him again, I’d be the counterpuncher. I’d make him come to me. That’s what Oscar should do. The people would hate it because it would be a boring fight, but that’s the way to beat him. If Oscar made Floyd come to him, and Floyd tried to make Oscar lead, sooner or later one of them would make a mistake”. (Keep in mind Genaro Hernandez fought both fighters-Check out his prediction in the latest edition of Ring Magazine).

Vivek’s View: No doubt that employing this strategy would make for an interesting fight, but the true question is which one of these fighter’s would be disciplined enough to actually stick to this plan as the late rounds unfold? Oscar has quite a killer instinct and if this plan didn’t allow him to do the damage he’d desire early, conventional wisdom says that he’d probably break the plan and go for broke. Floyd on the other hand is a little less inclined to produce a killer instinct but fighting on the biggest stage of his career, who’s to say how clear he’ll really be thinking. Teddy Atlas (Trainer and ESPN analyst)

  • Zab Judah gave Mayweather trouble for four or five rounds, but didn’t have the substance to keep it up. Dela Hoya must understand exactly what strengths Mayweather has and work to negate them. Dela Hoya has to keep Mayweather off-stride and not let him get in and out.

Vivek’s View: Very sound plan. No one knows what Floyd will do in the face of a full 12 rounds of adversity. Then again, maybe we’ve seen him face this and with his unbelievable skill level, it just seemed less effective. Hard to go against this type of ring knowledge but whether or not it’s an effective plan?, If Oscar can employ the strategy effectively, we may soon find out. Pat Lynch (Manager of Arturo Gatti, who fought both DLH and PBF)

  • I really love Oscar for never ducking anyone, but I don’t think the size factor that everyone is talking about will make a big difference. Oscar is the bigger guy, but Mayweather won’t take any chances and will fight very smart. If Mayweather stays within a good game plan, which I think he’ll do, then he’ll do what he does best: frustrate the other guy.

Vivek’s View: No doubt, speed kills, but at the same time power thrills. I think Lynch makes a good argument but there’s still the looming possibility of Oscar catching Floyd with something Floyd can’t handle. There’s no magic involved. It’s 12 LONG rounds and all it takes is ONE flush ‘jaw-check’. If Floyd can be elusive and stay out of harms way that may be his only way to a victory because we do know he won’t knockout dela Hoya. Although there are hundreds and thousands of other strategies out there, these were key because they come from three figures that have in-depth knowledge of these two fighters and basically fighting in general. None of us know exactly how things will pan out but as we sit 2 days away from this magical moment in time, there’s no questioning why “THE WORLD AWAITS”. Tomorrow’s installment of the countdown will take a look at an MVN Fight Fan Poll where we’ll put our ‘ear to the streetz’ and get the scoop from fans around the globe. Everybody from the pizza man to the preacher man, and from the gym gut-buster the salsa dance instructor. We’re taking no prisoners in the prelim’s because on May 5th neither will Oscar and Floyd. Don’t meet me there, beat me there…Like Rap phenom Young Jeezy would say, “IT’S GOIN’ DOWN”!!!

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Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.