A Dubious Honor, And Yet, Vaguely Inspirtional

Peter Buckley, “the world’s worst boxer,” will retire this weekend after 256 losses, in his 300th fight.

“I’ve had my eye on the 300 mark for a while, and it’s a little milestone I want to achieve, but I don’t want to fight on,” he said. “People keep saying to me that I’ll get a call in a few weeks’ time offering me a fight and I’ll say yes, but I mean it when I say this is it.”

How in the world would anyone license a fighter who lost 256 fights? Buckley kept passing medical inspections, and was a pretty good defensive fighter, apparently. He was only knocked out in a tiny percentage of those losses, which included bouts against Naseem Hamed.

His boxrec entry is AMAZING. EIGHTY-EIGHT straight losses fights without a win.

I hope he wins this weekend.

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