Albert Rodriguez Training Footage

Friday night, McKinney TX, based junior welterweight (140 pounds) undefeated fighter Albert Rodriguez (8-0-1, 4 KOs) makes a return to the ring after a two year hiatus.

At the behest of my good friend Joby Gaytan, I woke up at an ungodly hour to catch some high intensity sparring as Rodriguez, prepared for his fight on Friday night’s Solo Boxeo card at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon, CA. Rodriguez has the unenviable position of being the ‘opponent’ to touted Puerto Rican prospect Hector Sanchez on the Golden Boy promoted show.

If you want to read up on Rodriguez, I suggest scoping out a piece I did on him this week for FightHype. Yes, my shamless schilling knows no boundries, but Rodriguez proved to be quite a good interview. For a man who has not fought professionally in over two years, Rodriguez seemed sharp in the gym as he went six hard rounds with two of North Texas’ most accomplished 141 pound amatuers in Jordan Jones and Zach McDonald.

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