Barrera Signs With King; Apparently Likes Being Robbed

ESPN’s boxing guru Dan Rafael is reporting that sources have informed him that Mexican superstar Marco Antonio Barrera has signed a five year promotional agreement with Don King’s promotional company.¬† Barrera had become a free agent recently after splitting with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions after the LA based promotional company had been guiding his career for a number of years.¬†¬†It was no secret that Barrera had not been happy with his current situation at GBP but his move to DKP comes as quite a surprise to many within the industry.¬† Personally the real shocker here is the 5-year agreement.¬† At age 34, does Barrera honestly think he has five more years left¬†in the sweet science?¬† Barrera has his heart set on wining a title at lightweight (135 lbs), it would mean winning a title in his fourth weight class a feat which fellow Mexican icons Erik Morales and Julio Cesar Chavez could not accomplish,¬†and King does have a promotional interest in lightweight king Nate Campbell and WBA titlist Yusuke Kobori which may have been just the bait needed to snag Barrera.¬† It will be interesting to see how this plays out.¬†¬†One thing is for sure, the over/under on when Barrera will start harping about money owed to him by the Don is 6 months.¬†

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