Barroom Observations Of The ESPN2 Card

Maybe this is a more pure way to do it anyhow, post-barroom.
1. Jose Armando Santa Cruz looked pretty nice batting around somebody or the other on the way to a knockout win. Considering that he was on the bad end of one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen and possibly of all time against Ring magazine lightweight (135 lbs.) champ Joel Casamayor last year, that’s a good start back to redemption. Casamayor, for what it’s worth, looked a little too freaking happy when the camera turned to him in the audience. Lucky sumbitch. (Or “conspiracy theory X” recipient sumbitch.) Can we get Santa Cruz a billion dollar fight? Never before has someone been so robbed of a decision that everyone so thought he earned only to see his career spiral downward as if he’d lost in non-Crazytown. Somebody, please, pay Santa Cruz out the wazoo for some fight, any fight. He deserves it.
2.¬† Jeff Lacy looked pretty terrible is a close, maybe deserved, maybe not win over Epifanio Mendoza. The former 168-pound titlist was lucky to survive whatever round it was where he almost got decked, and lucky to pull out the win, based on my observations of it over my friend’s shoulder. As a Lacy fan, I’d given him every benefit of the doubt after his bashing at the hands of Joe Calzaghe and subsequent injury and surgery in his very next fight. But this is the second consecutive bout where he’s looked straight-up like dog meat. If Jermain Taylor gets a hold of him, as is being discussed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a 1st round KO win for Taylor. I’m sorry. I liked Lacy and was hoping for the best for him. But he’s done as a serious contender. Based on my barroom observations, anyhow.

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