Better Than Xmas — That’s Right, Money Mayweather’s Celebrity Weekend

In case you failed to mark you calenders, this past weekend just so happened to be the first annual “Money Mayweather Celebrity Weekend” taking place in Mayweather’s hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.  Weekend activities included a freestyle rap battle, celebrity basketball game, a comedy show headlined by Cedric the Entertainer, as well as the always dangerous after party. Boxing’s arguably most gifted fighter, Floyd Mayweather is hosting and a plethora of events with the proceeds going to his Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation (FMJF).  The organization provides assistance to those in need by empowering the community through acts of charity and education.  Kudos to Mayweather for actually giving something back to the community.  While his recent shenanigans outside of the ring have done nothing but praise the “rap video mentality” it’s good to see some good is being done with some of that money that does not involve “making it rain”. While I mentioned some of the weekend’s activities above, Ring Report was able to obtain a list of some activities that did not quite make the press release. “King of the Ring Freestyle Battle”– Ok, this one did make the press release but what is not being reported is that in addition to the $10,000 prize the winner also gets the honor of being signed to Philthy Rich Records.  Expect the label’s first album to drop in the summer of 2050.  The Money Mayweather “Make it Rain” Competition– Hey kids!  Have you ever wanted to “do it real big” by demeaning those around you by throwing fists full of dollars into the air.  Boost your ego with the sight of hundreds of people fighting for the money you were so generous to throw at them.  Contestants will be given stacks of play money and the one you can cause the biggest brawl is deemed the winner and gets to touch Mayweather’s money pouch.  Special celebrity judge: Zab Judah. The Art of the “Yes Man”– As a special treat to those in attendance Money Mayweather will also hold a number of semminars to better empower the youth of Grand Rapids.  Scheduled first is the enriching lecture on the art of being a “yes man” given by arguably the pound-for-pound king of “yes men” Leonard Ellerbe.  Lean the intricacies of brown nosing from the main that has crafted the act into an art form.  Is the sky green?  Only if your celebrity says so.  “Crouching Tiger Drunken Champagne Bottle”– Learn the manly art of self-defense in a style more suited to the dangers one face in today’s modern society.  People getting out of hand at the club?  Has someone dared to cross the velvet rope into your VIP table?  Learn how to fend of the great unwashed with a half full bottle of Cristal champagne.  Don’t miss the special course on how to properly throw a bottle of bubbly across the room as well as the always useful “Run from the Police 101.”  “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Posture” – Learn how it feels to be the reigning welterweight champion of the world as it relates the the competition surrounding you.  Participants stand in a square while dodge-balls with the names of the divisions most deserving challengers are thrown at you.  Effectively dodge every viable challenge to your belt while simultaneously declaring your placement in the pantheon of all-time greats.  Special prizes to be awarded to each participant who catches the “Money Ball” indicated by the green dodge ball with Oscar De La Hoya’s face pictured.

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