Boxing’s 2008 Knockout Of The Year Nominees

With the boxing year effectively completed, every day this week at The Queensberry Rules we’ll be presenting nominees for 2008 year-end awards, followed the next day by our actual award recipients. The categories are: Round of the Year; Knockout of the Year; Fight of the
Year; and Fighter of the Year. Sean and I will provide our individual roundups of additional awards Friday and Saturday. (We reserve the right to alter our picks if something crazy happens in the rather thin remaining weeks of 2008.)

We already did Round of the Year; up now is Knockout of the Year. We have five nominees in each category, and a number of honorable mentions. I hope you’ll do us the favor of sharing your own nominees and winners because there’s a chance we missed something, and you’d be helping us out tremendously. I’ll even happily revise the nominee list if you send us a good one we didn’t include. Where possible, we’ll share videos so you can judge for yourself.

The nominees, in chronological order, with the knocker-outer listed first:

Edison Miranda-David Banks

Sebastian Sylvester-Javier Castillejo (at approximately 1:19)

Juan Urango-Carlos Vilches

Kendall Holt-Ricardo Torres II (at approximately 1:04)

Daniel Santos-Joachim Alcine

Honorable mentions, in no particular order (and yes, there are a lot of them, because what boxing fan doesn’t want to see a buncha knockouts?):

Jason Cintron-Pascali Adorno

Juan Manuel Lopez-Daniel Ponce De Leon

Fernando Guerrero-Gevonte Davis

Monte Barrett-Tye Fields

Paul Williams-Andy Kolle

Antonio Margarito-Kermit Cintron II

Juan Manuel Lopez-Cesar Figueroa

Manny Pacquiao-David Diaz


Mikkel Kessler-Danilo Haussler

Shane Mosley-Ricardo Mayorga

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