Castillo Returns, Looks Like Sh*t

Not sure if I am more surprised by the fact that Jose Luis Castillo actually made weight for his welterweight fight last night against Sebastian Lujan, or that in dropping a wide decision to the Argentinian, Castillo has just entered into “opponent” status.¬† It’s a hard pill to swallow for a fighter who gave so much of himself in this punishing sport.¬† Castillo was once a legitimate star and pound-for-pound caliber fighter.¬† After all Castillo is the only fighter to come close to have beaten Floyd Mayweather and has bested some of the games most dangerous lightweight fighters.¬† Then of course there was his role in arguably one of the greatest fights in history as both he and Diego Corrales waged a war that will live on in the memory of all who witnessed it.¬† But like so many great fights, a little something was left in the ring that night as neither fighter ever seemed to regain their form.¬† Castillo has had much publicized battles with making weight for fights.¬† He failed on two separate occasions in rematches with Corrales as well as failing to make the 140 pound limit in a title eliminator against Timothy Bradley this past March.¬†Photobucket Sandwiched in between those two failed weigh-in attempts was a knockout loss to Ricky Hatton in which Castillo lacked the passion and fire he had previously embodied.¬† Wednesday night was not any better as Castillo looked like a shell of his former self.¬† Sure he has some brief moments and credit should be given to Lujan who came in with a plan to win but the fact that Castillo was barely competitive is reason toe believe that his great career is just about over.¬†

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