Chain Letter: If You Don’t Watch Yuriorkis Gamboa Saturday, Your Children Will Be Born With Hooves

My utterly shameless promotion of Yuriorkis Gamboa in the form of “Yuriorkis Gamboa Week” continues, to the point that you might soon wonder whether I’m getting paid to do it. Non, monsieur. (Ou madame/mademoiselle.) Here’s the thing: Gamboa’s such a complete package and exciting performer that he inspires gushing from a great many cynical boxing scribes and fans, albeit little of it so hyperbolic as the deliberate-over-the-topness of the headline. Today, out of perhaps a tinge of shame, I bring you the testimonials of others, so as to show you that I’m not alone. Sample, from Jake Donovan of He calls Gamboa “boxing’s next big thing.” In fact, I recommend reading that whole article. It breaks down Gamboa almost scouting report-like — how he can switch to southpaw, fight inside or outside, be patient, etc. — but also gives his neat-o back story, as a Cuban Olympic gold medalist to defector to a 130-pound prospect. Now, on to a smattering of the others: “No one can know for sure, his chin has yet to be vetted, but Yuriorkis Gamboa (9-0, 8 KO) so far looks like one of those ‚Äòfuture of the whole damn sport‚Äô type of guys.” — Cliff Rold, Gamboa is “boxing’s savior.” — HBO boxing bulletin board Gamboa and 135-pounder Amir Khan are “the two finest unbeaten prospects in world boxing right now in the eyes of many observers.” — James Slater, “Perhaps the next legitimate p4p heir.” — bulletin board, comparing his speed to that of Floyd Mayweather and Roy Jones, two “pound-for-pound” greats (current and former) ‚ÄúThis fight isn‚Äôt even over and I want to see him again!‚Äù — Nick Charles, television boxing commentator, exclaiming during Gamboa’s fight last year with Adailton De Jesus HBO. Saturday night, 9:45.

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