Cotto – Margarito: The Pros Pick

It has become a rarity of sorts in this modern era of large on sizzle little on sustenance boxing events.¬† A fight that has so much buzz surrounding it and not simply due to the name of the participants but squarely based on the quality of the fight we the fans will be treated to.¬† Tim has done another spot on job of breaking down this mega-fight and I will simply add that no fight in recent memory has me this legitimately excited.¬† A few weeks ago Top Rank issued a press release that surveyed a number of boxing writers and asked who they are picking in the fight.¬† Well I had a thought, who are the professional pugs out there picking?¬† After all I can wax poetically about the merits of a fighter but for someone who laces up the leather for a living the analysis delves a bit deeper.¬† So I did what any blogger would do, I hit up a short list of prize fighters to see who they liked.¬† Gary ‚ÄúThe Kid‚Äù Stark Jr. (21-2, 8 KOs featherweight prospect)‚Äì Cotto by stoppage ‚ÄúCotto in the under.¬† I give it 5 rounds.‚Äù Antonio ‚ÄúThe Juggernaut‚Äù Reyes (3-1 super featherweight prospect)‚Äì Cotto ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs going to be a tough one but I‚Äôm going to give it to Cotto, although I‚Äôm still kinda torn between the two‚Äù Nate ‚ÄúThe Galaxxy Warrior‚Äù Campbell (32-5-1, 25 KOs lightweight champion)‚Äì Margarito ‚ÄúPick ‚Äòem fight but I like Margarito‚Äôs style.¬† Hope he isn‚Äôt too slow.‚Äù Joby Gaytan (former bantamweight now president of Knuckle Up Boxing Club)‚Äì Cotto ‚ÄúBeen waiting for this to happen for about a year. My first prediction is Cotto, but if his training camp has been effected by the indifferences and distractions between him and his uncle and the separation of him and his wife, that could be a factor. Margarito is focused and knows this is his first true big shot. From the sweet science point of view I have Cotto, but would not be surprised if Margarito pulled an upset with a knockout.‚Äù ‚ÄúVicious‚Äù Victor Ortiz (21-1-1, 16 KOs junior welterweight prospect)‚Äì Undecided ‚ÄúI really can‚Äôt say man.¬† It‚Äôs a hard prediction for anyone.¬† But I can say that it will be a good fight coming from two fighters with heart.¬† Shall be interesting.‚Äù Anthony ‚ÄúThe Hurricane‚Äù Smith (4-1, 1 KO junior welterweight prospect)¬†‚Äì Margarito “I think Margarito will out work Cotto.¬† I think Cotto will win the first 4 rounds then Margarito will come on.¬† Abner Mares (17-0, 10 KOs super bantamweight prospect)‚Äì Margarito ‚ÄúI would have to go with Margarito because of the punches he throws.¬† I think that he throws the punches that could get him the win and maybe the KO.¬† I like his uppercut and that is poison for Cotto.‚Äù Johnny “Let’s Get It Done” Deas (1-0 heavyweight) – Cotto by decision “Easy… Cotto by decision… both in the eyes of the fans and judges.¬† Margarito will be competitive, he’ll probably take 2-4 rounds.¬† He’s gritty, gutsy, and tough, with a hell of a chin (think Cintron) but he’s not particularly talented (think every fight he’s ever had).¬† Just can’t see someone who is intelligent enough to beat Mosley on skill, turn around loose to Margarito on brawn.¬† Margarito does have the typical puncher’s chance at an upset given Cotto’s suspect chin so a Margarito victory by knockout is possible, but unlikely given the stakes.¬† Cotto in 12.¬† Take it to the bank and cash it.”

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