Diaz Dominates Katsidis Despite What Glen Hamada Thinks

Diaz-KatsidisGoing into the highly anticipated lightweight showdown between Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis, many considered the fight to be pretty evenly matched.¬† After all you have two all action, pressure fighters looking to rebound from their first loss.¬† I mean what more do you need in motivation?¬† The fight was a no-brainer for Golden Boy even if many thought that perhaps Diaz and Katsidis should have taken on¬†weaker competition at first before taking on each other.¬† But such is the warrior mentality of both fighters that such a notion was scoffed at.¬† Instead both Diaz and Katisdis made no secret their desire to face each other now, citing the adage, to be the best you have to beat the best.¬† Saturday night in Houston as both fighters entered into the ring you knew that on the battle of two unstoppable objects only one force can prevail.¬† In the case of Diaz and Katsidis, the dominating force was that of Diaz.¬† Diaz started out working from the outside with his jab, keeping the physical Katsidis at bay.¬† The plan worked until Diaz did what he does best, let his leather fly.¬† Katsidis was game throughout and enjoyed success in spits, especially the¬†hard shots to the body of Diaz.¬† Sure the fighting was close and fast paced but it was clear to most that Diaz¬†was landing the cleaner, harder shots.¬† Need proof?¬† Look at the swollen mass of human tissue that was Katsidis’ face after the fight and tell me he didn’t eat his fair share of leather.¬† Personally I had the fight for Diaz, eight rounds to four, over the Australian.¬†¬†Fact is everyone I spoke to at ringside had it¬†for Diaz as well.¬† Then the scorecard of judge Glen Hamada was read, 115-113 for Katsidis. My initial reaction, and I dare say the reaction of nearly everyone in the Toyota Center, was what the f*ck!¬† Sure, I can see it being closer than I had it but give me a break Hamada.¬† What fight where you watching?¬† Fact of the matter is some of the shots that appeared to land for Katsidis where actually blocked by Diaz.¬† Ugh, it’s frustrating that such a perfect night of pugilistic action could be tarnished with the inept scoring of a disillusioned official.¬†

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