Enter The Nacho

From the onset, Oscar De La Hoya had made it clear that he wanted his long time trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. to be in his corner December 6 when he tackles Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas.¬† De La HoyaHowever, as fate would have it, Mayweather will be busy training Ricky Hatton for his November showdown with Paulie Malignaggi.¬† The logistics would make it damn near impossible for Mayweather to devote his full attention ot both De La Hoya and Mayweather.¬† So with Mayweather out of the picture, De La Hoya was forced to find a trainer for his megafight in December.¬† Enter reknown Mexican trainer Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Beristain.¬† Beristain has trained a number of Mexican champions and is often lauded as one of the greatest trainers in the game today.¬† Most notably Beristain is the man who molded Juan Manuel Marquez and his brother Rafael into the superstar champions they are today.¬† The idea to tab Beristain is a brilliant move for the De La Hoya camp.¬† Not only do you get a revered trainer who will rally the Mexican fans around you, but the story angle regarding Beristain’s pride pupil, Juan Manuel Marquez’ inability to beat the Filipino icon will fuel PPV buys.¬† Still, there are the detractors out there who question De La Hoya’s decision to pick Beristain citing the fact that ‘The Golden Boy’ is not a counterpuncher like the fighters Beristain has led to success.¬† Such an argument rings hollow when you consider that Beristain has brought all-action Rafael Marquez to prominence, not to mention Nacho’s excellent work with bantamweight prospect Abner Mares.¬† Personally, I feel that this is a savvy move by De La Hoya, and one that surly will help his chances come fight night.¬† Photo Courtesy of Edward Garza

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