GBP Inks The Hayemaker

ESPN’s Dan Rafael is reporting¬†that Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions (GBP)¬†has just inked a promotional deal with British cruiserweight champion David Haye.¬† GBP will promote Haye’s fights here in America and co-promote, in conjunction with Haye’s Hayemaker Productions, his fights in the U.K.¬† Personally I think this is a genius move for Haye whose addition to the GBP roster will give him instant publicity here in America and secure him some much coveted HBO dates (and paychecks).¬† For GBP Haye gives them a credible, charismatic heavyweight contender that fit’s perfectly in their mold of image savvy fighters¬†in essence the¬†complete opposite of what they have in their co-promotional pact with Sultan Ibragimov.¬† Of course the cynic in me points to the fact that once again Golden Boy has yet again secured an already proven commodity and for all their talk of changing the face of boxing have yet to build a legitimate star from the ground up.¬† To date Bob Arum and his Top Rank banner are the only promoter of note that keeps churning out new superstars within the sport.¬† With all that being said I still like this acquisition for GBP as I really like Haye and his style and Lord knows we need someone to inject some life into the tepid heavyweight waters.¬†

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