Andrew Golota’s Arm Injury At Least Looks Authentic

Heavyweight Andrew Golota lost his fight this month against Ray Austin in China when he quit between the 1st and 2nd rounds of their fight. He cited an arm injury, but since Golota has a history of quitting bouts, and because he’s received more second chances than Marion Berry, skepticism was… understandable.

Don King Productions has released photos of Golota’s arm taken during a medical exam. I’m not saying Golota would’ve won that fight. Austin knocked him down in three seconds and was all over him the rest of the 1st round. But if anyone’s looking to give Golota yet another chance — perhaps your heart was warmed by this tale of seeking redemption — there’s photographic evidence after the jump that he wasn’t faking. There’s a whole ‘nother question about under what circumstances fighters should be forgiven for quitting, which I’ll set aside for now. Keep in mind said evidence was released by his promoter. But if it’s phony, it’s an awfully good makeup job, because I’ve torn my share of muscles and it looks a lot like what Golota has goin’ on. (If the idea of looking at “multiple tendon tears” doesn’t sit well with your stomach, you’d be wise not to click on “Read More.”)



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