I Called It!!!!!

Finally I get a fight prediction right.¬† I picked ‘Contender’ champion Sergio Mora, a 5-to-1 underdog, to dethrone Vernon Forrest tonight.¬† Don’t believe me?¬† Check here.¬† Too many people where overlooking the fact that Forrest’s last couple of fights were not exactly against world beaters.¬† I knew Mora would train his ass off for a fight of this magnitude and tales of his gym wars in the talent rich SoCal gym scene persuaded me to go with the undefeated challenger.¬† Sure the first half of the fight was as exciting as watching snails crawl but give credit to Mora for turning on the jets in the later rounds to rally back to win a majority decision.¬† I know a lot of people find Mora’s personality grating but I really like the East LA fighter and I admit that it is good to see an alum of the Contender not crap the bed in a title fight.¬†

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Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.