I Cheated, Watched Andre Dirrell And Didn’t Weep Blood

Somebody needs to throw Andre Dirrell into 18-foot rings every time out, because then he doesn’t even have the option of doing all that skipping around. Anthony Hanshaw made him fight, and probably regretted it, because he got knocked out in the fifth — but we finally got to see Dirrell, a super middleweight (168 lbs.) use his talent for good, not evil. I know, I know, I said I’d shield my eyes because of the way Dirrell stank to high heaven against Curtis Stevens last year. But, hey, it was late, there wasn’t much else on, and everybody deserves a second chance. Dirrell, with all his hand speed, power and aggression when he had Hanshaw hurt, showed he deserved it. But Dirrell’s still on probation. Next time he fights in a ring bigger than Saturday’s, which looked no larger than a Twister board, I’ll still be skeptical, because he still fought going backwards for most of this fight anyhow. And all that mugging he were doing for the audience and taunting when he had Hanshaw hurt instead of knocking him out? Well, it don’t exactly bespeak a lack of arrogance and appreciation for what fans want — they were booing him for it, and yet he continued doing it — which is the whole problem with Dirrell, because it isn’t talent.

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