In Case You Missed It, Apparently The Cayman Islands Are Beautiful

Perhaps I am in the minority here but did anyone else get the feeling that they were watching a Cayman Islands infomercial during Friday night’s ShoBox telecast?¬† Seems that between every other round Nick Charles was narrating clips of tourists attractions and sea turtle sanctuaries.¬† Damn sea turtles always needing an assist from us homo sapiens, but I digress.¬† My disdain for sea turtles aside, the whole broadcast struck me as sort of¬†odd in a “not only are we showcasing some intriguing boxing match-ups but I must sell you on visiting this island paradise” sort of way.¬† Granted I understand that the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism were instrumental in bringing the Showtime card to the island paradise in a attempt to market the island to would be vacationers so I won’t chastise their motives but it all struck me as odd.¬† Well except for the sea turtles, that simply infuriated me.¬† Ronald Hearns Though I have gone on record with some dismissive comments of Ronald Hearns in the past I must admit I was impressed with his resolve and fortitude in forcing the tough as leather Jose Gonzalez’s corner to call it quits on Shobox’s opening televised bout.¬† Hearns, son of the legendary Thomas Hearns, has been brought along cautiously as his lack of an amateur boxing background makes him a liability against more accomplished fighters.¬† It is no secret that his promoter Lou DiBella is looking to cash in on the name recognition much the same way that Top Rank is capitalizing on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr..¬† But Hearns is way more raw in terms of skill and ability then JCC Jr. and has not exactly set the sport ablaze in his recent outings.¬† In his defeat of Gonzalez, Hearns displayed heart and determination in weathering some early trouble, what may have been a broken nose, and a tenacious brawler in pulling out a stoppage win.¬† Hearns will never be mistaken for his father, though both share the same tall and lanky physique Ronald lacks the one-punch KO power that his father enjoyed.¬† While I do not see the younger Hearns as being anything more than an¬†”ify”¬†prospect right now¬†his continued growth and development within the sport could mean a financially successful career in the sweet science in the distant future.¬†

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