Juarez Stops Barrios In Fight Of The Night

Heading into Saturday night’s lightweight battle between Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis many people felt that the co-featured bout of the night between Rocky Juarez and Jorge Barrios had the potential to steal the show.¬† Funny how some things come to fruition isn’t it?Juarez-Barrios Weigh-In Prior to the bout, an impromptu poll by some of us at ringside had the vast majority in favor of a Barrios victory.¬† Many felt that Juarez’ slow, often methodical attack would be easy pickings for the nonstop aggression of Barrios.¬† Many felt that Barrios won a psychological battle at previous days weigh-in when the enigmatic Argentinean got in the face of Juarez during the stare down and taunted the Houston fighter.¬† Fast forward to Saturday night and you had the stage set for a real barn burner of a battle and to the joy of the partisan crowd of over 15,000, the fight lived up to the hype.¬† At first things looked promising for Barrios as the Argentinean brawler was landing thudding hooks to the body of Juarez.¬† But despite eating more than a favorable amount of body shots Juarez’ power seemed to be taking the steam out of Barrios in the later rounds.¬† The end came hard and fast, after a left hook stunned Barrios, a hard right from Juarez put him down and opened up a gruesome cut on his lip.¬† With the meaty part of his lip dangling the ringside doctor halted the bout.¬† Juarez found redemption Saturday night in the company of his hometown supporters.¬† Then again for them Juarez was not in need of redemption; he had never let them down.¬† And as Juarez bludgened¬† Barrios, the Toyota Center crackled with the energy of his fans, losses to Barrera, Marquez, and Soto only endeared him to them.¬†

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