Judah Slips In Shower, Loses Fight With Mosley

My wife once remarked that “weird sh*t always happens to Zab” following the in ring brawl during¬†Zab Judah’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. How right she has been so far.¬† In further Judah news it now appears¬†that the semi-anticipated welterweight match-up between Zab Judah and Shane Mosley has been canceled after Judah reportedly slipped in his shower and put his hand through the glass door.¬† The incident required Judah to get 50 stiches and bared him from training for up to four weeks at the doctors request.¬† Now it appears that a war or words has erupted between Jin Mosely, wife and manager of Shane, and one of Judah’s “handlers“.¬† From the looks of it the fight will not be rescheduled which I guess would be more of a shame had it not been a PPV event.¬† You just don’t get stories like these in any other sport.¬†

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