La Cobrita Strikes!

PhotobucketDamn, I’m going to miss Solo Boxeo.  Sure I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, save for the occasional pick-up line and the ever important beer order, but credit must be given to Telefutura’s weekly boxing program that showcases rising prospects in competitive match-ups.

This past Friday’s card was to showcase another such fight when San Antonio based super flyweight Raul “La Cobrita” Martinez (24-0, 14 KOs) took on Victor Proa (26-1-2, 19 KOs).  At least on paper the fight looked competitive as Martinez blew out Proa in 68 seconds.  It was the type of statement a prospect like Martinez needed to make in attempt to convince the networks that he is worthy of their airtime and money.  I like Martinez, and think he has a bright future within the sport.  He displays solid technique and has a knack for finishing off a wounded opponent in spectacular fashion.  He makes for good TV and from what I hear from people in the business down in San Antonio, he is all business outside the ring.

Also making a strong showing on Friday’s card was Austin, TX based welterweight prospect Alexis Camacho (17-1, 16 KOs) who stopped the usually durable Edvan Dos Barros (9-6-1, 7 KOs) with a perfect left uppercut.  Personally I felt that referee Blair Talmadge’s decision to stop the fight was a bit premature as Dos Barros looked as if he could have continued.  Regardless, Camacho fights in an aggressive nature that has some dubbing him the “Mexican Arturo Gatti”.  I’m not exactly sold on that nickname as I believe Camacho is not as eager to engage in face first brawls as “Thunder” was.  Still all things considered, Camacho’s future looks bright and he could become a fan favorite in the Austin-San Antonio region of Texas.


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