Making Weight, And How I Saw Barrios’ Junk

Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime, I along with ace photographer Ed Garza traveled the four hour drive south from Dallas to Houston to cover the Diaz-Katisidis fight.¬† We pull into Houston around 11:00 AM ans check into our palatial room at the Days Inn off of I-10.¬† The official public weigh-in was at 1:00 so we head downtown to the Toyota Center to get a good spot.¬† As is typical with all things boxing, the weigh in did not start on time but it was of little concern given the great weather (a rarity here in H-Town) and the networking we were doing with the gathered media.¬† Latin music blasts from the speakers to signal the beginning on the event as the fighters all gather behind the stage.¬† Let me hip you to a quick fact, the weigh-in presented to the public is actually the second weigh-in for the fighters.¬† Fights this big usually have a private weigh-in, far from the lights and prying eyes of the fans and media.¬† Anyway, given this fact a rumor begins to spread around press row that Barrios did not make weight.¬† Those who follow Barrios will recall this to have been the case in his title fight loss to Joan Guzman.¬† First up to the scale is Juan Diaz, the “Baby Bull” easily makes weight, coming in a half pound under the lightweight¬† limit of 135 lbs.¬† Next up is Katsidis, who happens to sport a pair of G.I. Joe inspired briefs, complete with “Yo, Joe!” slogan across his crotch.¬† Needless to say I will be scouring the net for a pair. Rocky¬†Juarz takes to the¬†scale and is a half pound over the junior lightweight limit of 130 lbs.¬† The Argentinian posse that is with Barrios¬†explodes in jubilation.¬† Next up is Barrios who strips down¬†bare before stepping on the scale.¬† A flag is brought up to shield the public from his “manhood” but I have the luck of sitting at an angle that gets a full unobstructed view¬† of Barrios in his birthday suit.¬† Not exactly a sight I ever wanted to see.¬† Barrios makes weight as his handlers let out a joyous yell.¬† Next Juarez strips down bare and fortunately I am spared seeing “little Rocky”, also Juarez makes weight the second go around.¬† As the two pose for pictures a heated exchange erupts between Juarez and Barrios which leads me to believe that Barrios is legitimately crazy.¬†Juarez-Barrios Weigh-In Not much else happened during the weigh-in until all the fighters had weighed in and Oscar De La Hoya gets mobbed by a throng of autograph seekers.¬† I have the misfortune of being caught up in the mass of humanity and have to fight my way to clear space.¬† I will say that De La Hoya is looking small, perhaps he will be able to boil down to 147 for his fight with Manny Pacquiao. De La Hoya¬† Photo Courtesy of Edward Garza

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