Mayweather Opens His Mouth And Nonsense Comes Out

By now you are all probably aware of the comments Floyd Mayweather Jr. made in a recent interview with David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press.¬† In case you missed it you can read the article here¬†to get caught up to speed.¬† The controversy revolves around comments made by Mayweather about a perceived racial bias at the hands of HBO’s boxing commentators.¬†Mayweather’s ire seems to be based on the gushing commentary during the recent Kelly Pavlik and Manny Pacquiao fights.¬† To be honest the whole thing smacks of jealous child’s rant.¬† How quickly Mayweather forgets about all the fawning and constant hard selling that HBO subjected us to when he was fighting.¬† Are there some racially motivated undertones within the sweet science?¬† Sure there are and they have been a part of the game since its inception but to spout off about racial bias from his most vocal cheerleaders is completely absurd on the part of Mayweather.¬† If anything HBO has gone out of their way to praise Mayweather’s exploits and market him to to the masses.¬† Far too often people are quick to throw out the race card when there is absolutely no reason for it.¬† All Mayweather accomplishes is complete buffoonery.¬† His comments smack of immaturity and further alienate him and the sport from mainstream acceptance.¬† Here’s a tip Mayweather, if you want to be taken serious as a business man and marketable entity you have to grow up.¬†

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