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Before we dive deep into arguably the most anticipated fight that could be made for die hard fight fans in Cotto – Margarito some quick news and notes to get the week started. Oscar Diaz Condition Improving Doctors are saying that Diaz’ condition is improving each day.¬† Diaz has been in a medical induced coma since being rushed to a San Antonio hospital after collapsing before the start of the 11th round against Delvin Rodriquez this past Wednesday night.¬† Doctors had removed part of Diaz’ skull to reduce the swelling his brain was suffering and though in critical condition doctors are saying that he will likely pull through.¬† Such news is welcomed by fight fans around the world who have kept the brave fighter in their thoughts and prayers.¬† We here at the Ring Report offer the same and pray that Diaz makes a complete recovery.¬† Yanez Back on Team USA I had been sitting on posting something about the ongoing drama surrounding the USA Olympic boxing team member Luis Yanez’ removal from the team until the dust had settled and from all the recentl reports it seems to have.¬† For those unaware Yanez’ removal from the team steams from a three week absence from the team’s training facility in Colorado Springs, CO this past June.¬† Team members were required to participate in a residency program reinstated by head coach Dan Campbell.¬† Many of the team members have gone on record disapproving of the program citing the fact that they get better training at home with their coaches.¬† Yanez was one of the more vocal critics of Campbell and upon getting permission to return home to tend to family matters refused to maintain contact with Campbell or any other member of USA Boxing.¬† Yanez maintains this to be false and that his family situation was far more important than the demands of his coach.¬† A noble stance indeed but USA Boxing contends that they were never fully aware of Yanez’ family situation (his sister suffers from cocaine addiction) until they had already removed Yanez from the team.¬† Yanez challenged the ruling on his removal but USA Boxing’s judicial committee upheld the decision.¬† Yanez was set to request an appeal when USA Boxing CEO Jim Millman offered the Dallas, TX based fighter a deal for reinstatement.¬† As part of that deal Yanez was ordered to undergo counseling, pay a fine, and issue a public apology.¬† Yanez has agreed to these terms and has since rejoined the Olympic team where he made a personal apology to his teammates.¬† Edgar Santana Busted in Drug Distribution Sting Junior welterweight propspect Edgar Santana has been arrestedalong with eleven other suspects in a drug distribution ring that had planed to smuggle and distribute cocaine from Puerto Rico to New York City.¬† The news comes as a shock considering that Santana was on the verge of breaking into the boxing mainstream with his win over Josesito Lopez on ShoBox a couple of months ago.¬† Santana was scheduled to headline his own ESPN2 card next month.¬† Quick Hits… – Gamboa is truly a special talent and his one punch KO of Al Seeger was chilling.¬† If you missed it check out Tim’s post here. – Say what you will regarding the James Toney – Hasim Rahman rematch but I think Toney was going to get a stoppage victory anyway.¬† Sure the ending sort of sucked but I agree with the ruling as Rahman was cleared to continue but opted not to therefore quiting on his stool.¬† I understand the cut was really bad but his corner did not even attempt to stop the bleeding instead looking to have the fight stopped and declared a no-contest.¬† Love him or hate him but Toney is a rare talent and one of boxing’s true masters.¬† – Kelly Pavlik – Bernard Hopkins.¬† Ugh.¬† I don’t really blame Pavlik though as he had little to no options to choose from with the only real challenger, Arthur Abraham, unavailable.¬† Here is to hoping that the long waited Pavlik – Abraham match gets made in early 2009.¬†

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