Nate Campbell Begins To Open Up

I know by now this is nothing but rehashed news but I continue to find humor in lightweight champion Nate Campbell’s various postings on a couple of boxing websites.¬† For those unaware of the situation Campbell has been taking repeated shots at Golden Boy Promotions for failing to set up a rematch with Joel Casamayor who holds Ring magazine’s lightweight championship belt.¬† Many within the media have stated that Casamayor is the real ruler of the lightweight division given his possession of said belt but my opinion is that Campbell should be considered the champion of the division after his domination of Juan Diaz this past March.¬† Such is the subject for debate at a later time I’m afraid.¬† Besides it seems that Golden Boy Promotions is setting a September battle between Casamayor and Diaz in Houston.¬† I firmly believe that they are setting up Diaz for a showdown with Michael Katsidis who is to be featured on the undercard for what would be the Ring belt.¬† Oh, and guess who owns the Ring magazine?¬† Back to the matters at hand, Campbell has fired some very scathing remarks in both his blog on and in a credited article for¬† While I am very skeptical in my belief that Campbell is actually penning these pieces himself (thought I do feel he could be really posting on the Maxboxing blog) they do bring to light some harsh truths about Golden Boy Promotions definition of “promoting”.¬† Golden Boy has countered these allegations with an offer to fight Juan Manuel Marquez that would be very lucrative for Campbell but the proposed fall timeline for the fight does not sit well with Campbell who must realize that at his age activity is the key to staying sharp.¬† I like that Campbell wants the fight and sort of side with his desire to stage the fight this summer.¬† After all Marquez should not need that long of a rest period given that Pacquiao is slated to fight next month.¬† I have to give credit to Campbell’s decision to take his message to the public just as I found it genius to interact with fans on Maxboxing’s message boards prior to his fight with Diaz.¬† Call him old fashioned but Campbell knows how to get a message out.¬†

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