Nate Campbell, Lightweight Champion AND Great Commentator

As I sit here and watch Joe Green engaging in a superb slugfest with Jose Torres I have to say that I am quite impressed with Nate Campbell’s role as guest commentator on ESPN’s Wednesday Night Fights while Teddy Atlas is in China covering the Olympics.¬† Not only are his observations spot on but I like how he describes what goes through the mind of each fighter.¬† In the pantheon of fighters turned boxing commentators Campbell shows true brilliance.¬† In fact if I were to list fighters who I believe would make great commentators it would look something like this:

  1. Nate Campbell РObviously knows his stuff and is not afraid to speak his mind.  Also he actually brings something to the table other then a famous name. 
  2. Antonio TarverРIf Tarver can do one thing well it is talk.  The loquacious light heavyweight would never be at a loss for words but I would be afraid his ego would try and take over a broadcast.
  3. Allen Green РQuestionable moves outside the ring aside Green has proven himself to be an excellent analyst regarding boxing.  He does not shy away from the camera and has a cool, calming presence thanks in part to his Oklahoma roots. 
  4. Mike Tyson– Don’t scoff.¬† Few fighters know as much about the history of boxing than Tyson.¬† In his prime he was a student of the game and still shows a passion for the sport as you see him ringside at every major fight.¬† The major drawback would be the look of terror in the eyes of his broadcast partners if Tyson were ever to forget his meds oh and that whole mispronunciation of words thing.¬†

Ultimately I would rate current HBO commentator Lennex Lewis roughly near the bottom as he can be insufferable at times.¬† Anyone else catch Lewis’ pearl of wisdom during the Joshua Clottey – Zab Judah fight when he announced that Las Vegas is a great place to train as their are no distractions.¬† Uhm..sure Lewis.¬† I guess that whole “Sin City” nickname means nothing. Of course no one does it better than Larry Merchant…


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