Odd Cut Gives Dirrell Another Victory

Well Andre Dirrell manages to win another fight in such a manner that we may soon forget his horrendous performance against Curtis Stevens a short time ago.¬† In Mike Paschall, Dirrell had the perfect aggressive foil but to all our surprise the Baltimore tough-guy made Dirrell work.¬† Paschall had some success early landing some good hard lefts in the opening round while Dirrell seemed content to lay in wait.¬† Sustained action was few and far between, well until the fourth round when Dirrell landed a straight left hand that put Paschall on the seat of his pink shorts.¬† Oddly enough the punch managed to open up a wicked nasty gash on the forehead of Pascall that gushed forth a fountain of vivid crimson.¬† I have to give it to Paschall as he clearly wanted to continue on with the fight (take note Hasim Rahman) but despite his objections the ringside physician opted to stop the fight.¬† While the punch that Dirrell landed was picture perfect I would have to rate this performance as a C+.¬† If Dirrell wanted to make a statement should have pressed his attack more as Paschall may be tough but he is limited.¬† I don’t know, I think Dirrell can make some noise in the super middleweight division but he needs to start taking on some live bodies.¬†

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