Punch Drunk Ramblings, The “I Survived Ebola” Edition

Guess who’s back/Back again/Sean is back/Tell a friend…. ¬†Much like Tupac Shakur I have emerged from death’s door, not to drop yet another musical opus but¬†to force my thoughts and opinions¬†upon a world that could give a rat’s arse about them.¬† Having just gotten over my annual summertime Ebola virus outbreak and walked away from the light I feel invigorated.¬† So without further hesitation some incoherent ramblings brought on by my abuse of NightQuil and TheraFlu.¬† “Money May” Retires I know I’m about two weeks late on this but the announcement of Floyd Mayweather’s retirement from the sport that made it possible for him to “make it rain” and get into a fist fight with 50 Cent¬†is about as genuine as you can expect from the “Pretty Boy”.¬†¬† Like my big homie Tim, I too initially felt that Mayweather’s retirement was a lame ploy to sweeten the post for his second business transaction with Oscar De La Hoya this September.¬† Seems that may not be the case as De La Hoya has announced plans to forgo a fight in September in favor of a final hurrah in December possibly against the likes of Miguel Cotto or Manny Pacquiao. I do feel that Mayweather may be burnt out from the sport that made him the household name he always longed to be.¬† After all Mayweather was groomed to be a pugilistic prodigy by his father and it was no secret to those in the Mayweather household that the little tyke named after his father would follow in his patriarch’s footsteps.¬† I mean imagine being in Mayweather’s shoes.¬† Sure they pay off is great but all those years of training and fighting would wear on even the most fanatic and spartan individual.¬† I just think that Mayweather views himself as a celebrity and not just a boxer anymore and wants to distance himself so that his identity is no longer tied¬†sole to the sweet science much like Elizabeth Berkley did “Showgirls” to get the taste of her squeaky clean “Saved By The Bell” persona out of collective mouths.¬† And yes I just compared Floyd Mayweather to “Jesse” from Saved By The Bell, again it’s the cold medicine.¬† For the record I feel that Mayweather will be back in the ring sooner then later.¬† The fortune and fame that goes with being the perceived best fighter on the planet would be to much for a capitalist like Mayweather to ignore for too great a length.¬† Pound-For-Pound With Mayweahter’s departure from the sport my top three pound-for-pound goes like this: 1. Manny Pacquiao 2. Joe Calzaghe 3. Juan Manuel Marquez Welterweight Supremacy If I am the Ring I think I would sanction July’s eagerly anticipated showdown between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito as the welterweight championship fight.¬† With Mayweather no longer putting a freeze on the title (THANK GOD!) Cotto assumes the #1 position with Margarito coming in at #4.¬† I know that typically The Ring recognizes the winner of a fight between their #1 and #2 ranked fighters as world champion but this should be an exception.¬† After all Mosely is ranked #2 and Paul Williams #3; Cotto has already beaten Mosley and while Williams rebounded from his loss to Carlos Quintana I think I would rank Margarito ahead of him for now.¬† In my book the winner of the Cotto-Margarito fight is THE welterweight champion.¬† From The Careful What You Wish For File Seems that Contender participant and Andy Lee conqueror Brian Vera is calling out the former middleweight champion of the world Jermain Taylor.¬† Uhmm, easy there Vera.¬† I know you must be feeling pretty good about yourself knocking out Lee and all but the 100 or so straights and hooks you ate probably would be thrown with worse intentions by Taylor.¬† Of course who am I to get in the way of Vera’s quest for a nice payday and who can blame him for cashing in on his fleeting fame but let us not forget the moral to the Alfonso Gomez – Miguel Cotto fight.¬† Vera is a tough SOB but Taylor would smack him around like a tether ball.¬†

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Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.