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Your face still stinging from Tim’s Quick Jabs?  No worries my friend, have a pint with me and let’s all get Punch Drunk! Mayweather at Wrestlemania – A Good Move? As Tim touched on in his Quick Jabs post, welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather is reportedly set to make $20 million dollars for his participation in WWE’s upcoming Wrestlemania.  Most members in the press and fans alike have scoffed as such a publicity stunt but in my not so humble opinion I believe the move is genius. Granted the mere fact that “Money May” is making such a large sum of money to fake a wrestling match is brilliant in its own right.  I mean, hell I would do it.  The single biggest quandary boxing’s power brokers struggle with is how to get the white suburban 18-34 demographic interested in the sport.  Wrestling caters to many inside the coveted demo so as far as cross promotion, it’s a brilliant move.  The real comedy here is Mayweather and his group of cronies hamming it up as you can see below.
De La Hoya – Forbes official but don’t call it a tune-up Well as many of you are aware, Oscar De La Hoya announced earlier this week that he will in fact face Contender Season II runner-up Steve Forbes on May 3rd at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA and supprisingly enough will not be on HBO PPV. The fight will mark De La Hoya’s first fight back in SoCal since his 2000 loss to Shane Mosley as well as marking the first time since 2001 that “The Golden Boy” will fight on “free” HBO.  From all preliminary reports it appears that Golden Boy Promotions may have one hell of a promotion on their hands here.  According to GBP CEO Richard Shaefer not only will tickets be reasonably priced (tickets are to start at $25 a piece) but there will be live music adding to the festive atmosphere that can only be truly appreciated in an outdoor arena like the Home Depot Center.  It is no wonder that GBP aptly titled this promotion, “Homecoming”.  Forbes was reportedly tabbed for this bout as his style will present De La Hoya a good warm up before his scheduled rematch with Floyd Mayweather later on in the year.  Mosley-Judah Official In other Golden Boy Promotion news, a battle of Miguel Cotto victims will take place in Las Vegas on May 31st when Shane Mosley an Zab Judah square off in what looks to be a pretty entertaining battle.  GBP Richard Shafer has informed ESPN’s Dan Rafael that in addition to such an intriguing main event the undercard will be just as exciting.  Tentatively scheduled bouts include Jorge Barrios vs. Rocky Juarez, a rematch between junior featherweights Celestino Caballero and Daniel Ponce De Leon, as well as a rematch of Contender Season III finalists Sakio Bika and Jaidon Codrington.  Given the nature of each bout Golden Boy Promotions has named the event “High Stakes”. Shameless Self-Promotion Alert!!! From time to time I will inundate you all with a self-serving promotional alert in which I solicit your praise and adulation.  Just kidding, but in all seriousness below is a link to a story I penned for The Sweet Science last month that I feel is a good read for those who like to hear about people making a difference in the lives of others. Here is the link: http://www.thesweetscience.com/boxing-article/5604/love-sport/

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